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Maybe a #firepit is in order?

All I hear lately is fire pit…what is it with you humans, and your obsession with feeling cozy?  Just think about the options available to create such a space….
*  I’m a formal dog – For this look, install a  paving stone area (such as #calstone) with a natural gas firepit.  Add a small courtyard wall to define the area. No smoke, no wood, no fuss.  It is clean, straight lines and becomes an outdoor extension of your home.
* I’m a casual dog – My idea of a #firepit is real wood, but still cozy.  This dog likes a solid surface for the ground, maybe #flagstone with #gatordust joints.  The fire pit is a #Stonewall II, two row fire pit kit.  Nice and circular allowing for conversation (or barking) with your guests.

* I’m a country dog –  I like the spaces open and free.  My fire pit area is made of compacted #DecomposedGranite with #gatorstonestabilzer.  And my fire pit kit is the Stonewall II, 3 row kit.  A little higher kit, with room for a roaring real wood bonfire!

No matter what taste your dog has, #valleyrock is the place to start.  With #firewood available, along with all the pieces to your new project.  As always……Happy Digging!

September- summer’s last kiss

Who doesn’t love fall time?  Cooler nights and milder days…. after 35 extremely hot days in the last three months; today is a blessing! With that in mind, it is time to get outside and get things done on a perfect September day.
*  Fall Planting can be enchanting- Yellows, purples and oranges.  These are the colors that compliment my coat the best.  To get the most of your fall gardening, amend, amend, amend.  Our Planters Mix is the perfect solution!  You can pick it up or we can send a truck.
* Maintain so you don’t strain – Deadhead your plants and shrubs. They will love you for it. The more you do now in this mild weather, the more your garden will continue to flourish. It will also help produce new growth and bloom.
* Harvest fest keeps you unstressed -When your veggies are finished producing, and as you begin to pull the garden out, don’t forget to add it to your compost pile.  And oh yeah, make some yummy fresh salsa for my master.
* Fire & Flame to watch the ball game- So now is the time to start that fire pit or fire place lounge area. I know how you humans love that fire.  We can help with the materials and design elements. Start with your measurements and go from there!
As you breathe in the fresh September air, don’t despair, just grab a chair and share….. Happy Digging!


For the Love of Fire

So I have a friend of mine named Wyatt, that knows a lot about fire.This young male human taught me many things…..including the love of the flame. Why the flame you ask?  Now my friend Wyatt seems to enjoy the color…but my masters love the function.

*  Qing and Smoking- now these cooking methods bring out the flavors of good ole meat.  Some prefer to use the Charcoal Briquets for the simplest method; or Lump Charcoal which is 100% hardwood and contains no chemicals…all natural and adds smokey flavor.  Wood Chunks can be combined while grilling with briquets and lump charcoal, creating the must yummiest of flavors.  All these Lazzari restaurant grade products are available at my masters yard.
*  Firewood- you could be a Oak Firewood fan or an Almond Firewood fan, both varieties are for sale in multiple quantities.  The firewood is sold by the full cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord and a small rack.  You can pick firewood up (and pet me while you are here) or my masters can deliver to you!  Always seasoned, 16″ split and ready to burn.
*  FirePits – this is the my most  preferred item….a place to lounge by, visit with my master, feel the warmth and see the flame (as my friend Wyatt has taught me).  My masters have ready made firepits at their yard in STOCK!  Basalite ***Stonewall II, Compact and Grand FirePits are currently featured.  You can also create your own design with use of our Natural Stone selection.
What ever your fire flavor – lover, starter or cooker, my masters have the items for you!  Happy digging….and Qing!