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Summer Fun

Summer has always been my favorite.  My kid friends are out of school and my days consist of swimming, eating and sleeping.  Now as far as the garden goes, there is always work to be done.

Plan & Plant – We are always planning.  but now is the time to plan your spring bulbs.  And at the same time plant your summer color (marigolds and zinnias are some of my favs).  Our Planters Mix is the best choice for your summer color.  To add art to your yard, with a stock tank container (I love the round one).  It is easy to move and place in your design.

Maintain – Mulch/Bark your area around your garden ( I prefer walk-on bark for my paws).  This will keep moisture in, roots cool and dust down.  Plus it will look amazing.  We have many varieties and colors to choose from.
Be sure to check your watering schedule as our temperature creeps up. And don’t forget your hand watering containers.
Pinch off your herbs so they will keep producing.  Check your feeding schedule for your strawberries.  We all love shortcake!

Harvest – It is about that time.  Morning is the best time to pick that yummy food.  Keep your eye out for rodents and the pesky snakes, they may like the morning too.  Clean up any fallen fruit to avoid the rodent and squirrel issue.  Make up a feast with your tomatoes, peppers and basil – my mouth is drooling already.
And as always – Happy Digging!

Finally Fall…..

What season is it? What day is it?  For some reason, I hear that a lot these days. To answer the question- today it is the Fall! My time to roll in the leaves, enjoy the cooler nights and the smell of the harvest….All the things us doggies love, besides digging.  After all our hot and smokey summer days, digging would actually do me and your garden good. Some garden TLC is in order.

By TLC, we mean adding nutrients back in that have been depleted.

First and foremost, Dig, dig in deep, and dig some more.   To really be efficient till your soil down 8 to 12 inches (wow that’s great).  But even 4 to 6 inches can be an improvement for the soil. Then you are ready to start the soil amending process.
Second, amending (that’s a big word) of the soil.  A great add in is Nufiber compost – coming straight from the central valley.  If you soil does not need this rich of a blend- try our Growers Blend or Planters Mix.  After the amending (adding in) is complete, leave the soil alone for a day or two so.  The organic materials (soil enhancements) will have time to decompose and provide nutrients into the soil. Yummy for your soil!
Your amended soil with bless you tremendously.  You have now created an opportunity for moisture retention. Your garden will yield a large, healthy and nutritious crop; your flowers will shine and your trees will thrive.
Last, but not least, check your watering.  Repair any damaged lines, or reroute as needed.  Look at your watering times.  Our daylight is changing.
Take time to smell the flowers and as always – Happy Digging!

When in March ~ Just Mulch and Plant

March is in full swing, flowers blooming (and weeds too).  Warm longer days, and still cool nights  Completing maintenance on your yard is a spring list item. Gardening, planting, weed control, pruning, and oh yeah, just getting some vitamin D is on my list for sure!

  • Redoing your Garden – If you are redoing your garden from last year, start by cleaning and clearing out.  Weed the area, and get the ground smooth.  Check your irrigation lines and timers. Now remeasure the area and the depth you will need to refill with #growersblend.  With our extra evening hour, it is the perfect time to work.  #wedeliver
  • New Garden Install – Location, Location, Location.  Sunshine, water, soil and love are the key ingredients.  Raised garden beds are always easier on the back, and look trendy too.  But my Grandpa always just planted in the good old Earth.  Both choices do require our #growersblend.  In your raised garden beds, measuring is more exact – just tell us square footage and the depth you require.  For planting in the Earth, turning the soil over, adding in new #growersblend. Create your rows and mound up with our soil.
  • The Area Around Your Garden – You know, that area you walk on? We have great choices- #rock #bark aka #mulch.  These products will keep the area more weed free, and clean too.  A crushed rock (not a round rock) will pack down better and have a tendency to stay in place.  We have many selections of rock to choose from; crushed, round and color variations.  Around the garden boxes, rock creates a clean edge that many people love.  For gardening with rows in the Earth, many gardeners do prefer bark (mulch).  It will decompose back into the Earth, while help with the weed issue between rows.  Our bark selection, we have color choice and styles too.  Bark, of course is a “lighter” weight material, thus easier on your back for install.
    Happy Digging!


When is it Dog’s Day?

Now there is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, May day, wedding day and graduation day~ when will it be my day?  I think everyday should be dog day.  With digging to be done, and all the laying around I do……hmmmm.  But you humans get things ready for every event.
* The Party is happening soon….In that case, just drive on over and pick up a yard or two of bark.  It is easy to install, and makes a huge difference in your hard.
* My yard is not that big…..Is the square footage of your back yard equal to the size of your family room and kitchen?  If so, you can still turn it into a backyard living area.  Remove that grass, and add some hardscape (pavers, flagstone, rock).  Keep some live/green areas- it could be in the form of potted plants or some planting areas.  It is always nice by a window: you can see it and smell it easier!
*  But I really want…It all!  It’s oasis time – Start now for your Fall/Autumn events.   Decide on your design plan and material selection. Decide what you can do yourself and what you need help with.  Make a plan. We carry many of the materials you want to make it happen….just contact us.
And above all, don’t forget about your furry friend….me…Happy Digging!

March Miracle

They call our rains the March Miracle, but to us dogs, it’s just good old mud.  The water our earth is absorbing now, will surely make for unbelievable gardens later.  So what to do now?
* A little planning never hurt anyone or any dog.  Now I plan where to bury my bone.  Just as you should plan where to place your garden.  A nice sunny side is key.  Them Tomatoes do love the heat.
* Measure, measure and measure again.  From designing the size of your garden boxes or length of your garden rows, math is key.  Make sure that the garden boxes are not so wide that you can not reach the middle to pick and weed.    Even us dogs know how deep to dig a hole for a bone.
* Soil, now this is my favorite part.  OMRI is important when eating the harvest…..even I know that.  Growers Blend is tops for the tomatoes, fully of good stuff (75% dairy manure, 20% humus, and 5% calcium, magnesium, and potassium) and it smells great too.
* Water, never forget the water.  Make sure that you account for the location of your water source when selecting your garden area.  A timer is key, because we all get busy…and the plants can not water themselves.  Even us dogs can drink from a bowl!

So our rain today, is key for tommorrow.  Until then, Plan, Measure, Soil, Water and as always, Happy Digging!