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Has Spring Already Sprung?

It is only the beginning of February and I am already wanting to wade in water.  But what does this do to my friend Mother Earth and her plants?  According to my elder friend Farmer Almanac, he says that California will be mild and dry this winter.  So that’s what we are going with – mild and dry.

For the next 45 days my masters are focusing on two main items ~ which always begin with a PLAN!

Spend some time on your irrigation~ with water being such a precious product, we all want to make sure it is used to the utmost efficiency.  Broken lines, rerouting lines and testing your system should be key.  Draw your garden area out to include irrigation plans.  Set your timers and valves correctly. It will save you time (and $) in the long run.

Devising ways to hold back your soil ~ You know, a way to contain your moist fresh soil! You don’t want that good Growers Blend spilling out of it’s area.  Whether it is a full grown planter bed make with block or an edging made with moss rock, a method of retention is needed.  When you measure, allow for areas to walk, note where the sunny spots will be, and don’t forget about our friend irrigation.  And again it all plays back into your Plan. Most of all by defining planting areas, I will know where the good soil is to lay in!
Option B for planting ~ just purchase one of our Tarter Stock Tanks.  We have oval and round, with multiple sizes to choose from.  I know that it is not easy for me to dig in, but easier for my masters to manage.

Happy Digging!


I’ll see you in September….

Ahhhhh September, cool nights and warm days- it’s the best.  My Owners love that pumpkin spice stuff, to me it’s just OK. Did you know that September is the 2nd most patriotic month of the year?
With Patriot Day (9/11), Constitution Day (9/17). International Peace Day (9/21) all happening this month, that’s a lot of honor in one month!  Not to mention that FALL begins.

So on to Fall projects-

Create defensible space ~  Any type of hardscape; rock, flagstone, pavers and walls.  This project is the most important of all. You can create a barrier and beautify your home.  Always start with measurements.  We can assist you with your ideas and dreams!

Clean up ~ All I can say is buy dirt.  Deadhead and trim.  Then top dress with fresh planters mix or growers blend.  Your plants will thank you with fresh foliage.  You can pick up a small amount or we can deliver a larger amount.

Invite Friends Over ~ Enjoy the space you have created!  Us dogs love company and affection.  Happy Digging!

Finally Fall…..

What season is it? What day is it?  For some reason, I hear that a lot these days. To answer the question- today it is the Fall! My time to roll in the leaves, enjoy the cooler nights and the smell of the harvest….All the things us doggies love, besides digging.  After all our hot and smokey summer days, digging would actually do me and your garden good. Some garden TLC is in order.

By TLC, we mean adding nutrients back in that have been depleted.

First and foremost, Dig, dig in deep, and dig some more.   To really be efficient till your soil down 8 to 12 inches (wow that’s great).  But even 4 to 6 inches can be an improvement for the soil. Then you are ready to start the soil amending process.
Second, amending (that’s a big word) of the soil.  A great add in is Nufiber compost – coming straight from the central valley.  If you soil does not need this rich of a blend- try our Growers Blend or Planters Mix.  After the amending (adding in) is complete, leave the soil alone for a day or two so.  The organic materials (soil enhancements) will have time to decompose and provide nutrients into the soil. Yummy for your soil!
Your amended soil with bless you tremendously.  You have now created an opportunity for moisture retention. Your garden will yield a large, healthy and nutritious crop; your flowers will shine and your trees will thrive.
Last, but not least, check your watering.  Repair any damaged lines, or reroute as needed.  Look at your watering times.  Our daylight is changing.
Take time to smell the flowers and as always – Happy Digging!

Where did November go?

Now who doesn’t love November….Our cool nights have begun (aka me by the fire), the leaves are falling (aka me rolling in leaves) and my master is inside making treats that may fall to the ground (aka me licking floor).  So from my perspective….not a bad gig.  But as always, my master is working, working, working.  While I am sleeping, sleeping sleeping.  And what are they doing?
*  Maintain if no Rain – So the rain does not always fall on the plain.  If we have a dry spell, turn the water on for a bit to keep your plants happy.  And don’t forget about those potted plants under cover.
*  Protect- don’t neglect – Everything likes to be warm.  This includes the soil.  A nice layer of bark would make those roots happy.  My master has many varieties to choose from!  If mud is a problem, maybe a crushed rock is the solution.  This will keep the mud down and much easier to drive or walk on.
*  Cold can be controlled – So you are getting a bit of a chill in the evenings?  Well good thing my master has firewood and kindling in stock!  Now a 1/4 cord can fit into the back of a pickup, lickety-split it can be home for you. Or if you need a larger portion…..call and set up a delivery.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to grab a bundle of kindling too.
So whatever this season brings for us all, just remember a warm fire, a cute dog (aka me), with family and friends makes all things better.  Happy Digging!

September- summer’s last kiss

Who doesn’t love fall time?  Cooler nights and milder days…. after 35 extremely hot days in the last three months; today is a blessing! With that in mind, it is time to get outside and get things done on a perfect September day.
*  Fall Planting can be enchanting- Yellows, purples and oranges.  These are the colors that compliment my coat the best.  To get the most of your fall gardening, amend, amend, amend.  Our Planters Mix is the perfect solution!  You can pick it up or we can send a truck.
* Maintain so you don’t strain – Deadhead your plants and shrubs. They will love you for it. The more you do now in this mild weather, the more your garden will continue to flourish. It will also help produce new growth and bloom.
* Harvest fest keeps you unstressed -When your veggies are finished producing, and as you begin to pull the garden out, don’t forget to add it to your compost pile.  And oh yeah, make some yummy fresh salsa for my master.
* Fire & Flame to watch the ball game- So now is the time to start that fire pit or fire place lounge area. I know how you humans love that fire.  We can help with the materials and design elements. Start with your measurements and go from there!
As you breathe in the fresh September air, don’t despair, just grab a chair and share….. Happy Digging!