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Beat The Heat!

Summer has taken it’s toll on everything and everyone so far, these 100+ degree days really take it out of you! But, that doesn’t mean that everything has to look like a wasteland in your yards either. There are plenty of steps to take to help preserve and bring back any plants or flowers that are struggling.

First things first, make sure you are matching plant types to the right zones in your yard! Not every “summer living” plant can handle full sun all day! Some of the seasonal summer plants need to be in the shade for part or even half of the day to stay vibrant and lively. So, start by doing a little research. Can my plants handle the full sun spots in my yard? Which ones should I be moving to an area that gets shaded during the day? Are the trees I have in the yard going to aid in providing shade for some of the other plants? Geranium, Lantana, Mealycup Sage, and Zinnia are all gorgeous full sun summer flowers that can brighten up your yard, on top of bringing in the wildlife. Bees and Humming birds will notice when you add flowers in your yard that can sustain themselves, and in turn aid you in keeping your crops vibrant too!

If you have those partial shade areas Cone Flowers, Ferns, and Daylilies are great options! No one likes seeing big open spaces with nothing going on in them. Finding partial shade plants and flowers to fill the voids will tie your yards all together to make a whole masterpiece!

Once you’ve made sure your plants are in their correct zones a great way to keep them thriving during the summer is to Prune and Dead Head those plants! – Get your tools and green waste can out. Once your shrubs are done blooming, deadhead and trim. Most plants and flowers will reproduce their flowers once they get rid of their “dead weight”. Keeping dead heads of flowers on your plants can stunt their growth and greatly shorten their blooming periods. Plus, who wants to look at dry and crispy dead flower pods on their plants when trying to enjoy their yards? By also trimming your plant, you help them stay as happy and healthy as they can be. It is not uncommon for plants to grow “outside their limits” especially when potted. This means it’s growing more or longer stems/leaves and the roots have trouble keeping up with the above ground growth. Keeping your plants under control will aid in them looking the best they can!

Next step will be to help Preserve! – This can mean making sure you are watering correctly, but also at the best time of the day! I know it may be hard to see your plants looking wilted at the mid day mark and it’s scorching hot out, but best to wait to water until the cool off period of the night begins. Wait until the sun is almost down if you can, or at least not beating over the top of your yard to water! Watering at the peak of the day can actually cause the roots of the plant or even the leaves/flowers to burn as the water evaporates. If you have drip lines or sprinklers helping you out with the watering department, make sure to test and check your irrigation system for any leaks, cracks or damages. Also be sure to check what time of the day your systems are going off! Again, you wouldn’t want your sprinklers going off middle of the day in the peak of the heat. Drip lines are great for the summer since they will slowly add water to the base of the plant and usually won’t create a heat problem when placed correctly.  Another great step can be adding a  layer of  bark 2″ to 3″. The bark will not retain all the moisture but help keep some in the areas around your plants, and also aid with weed control.  The nice polished look of fresh bark is a bonus! Just make sure you have the green light to have bark in your yards with your HOA or even your insurance!

If you didn’t do it in the spring time, another great option to help your pants sustain their beauty will be to repot them if they have been in the same pot since last year! Often times a plants root system will overtake a pot which in some cases will stunt the plant itself! When they have too large of a root system in the pot, there isn’t always enough nutrients left in the little soil that is left in your pot, but can also increase the chances of root rot. Best rule of thumb would be to make sure your root ball is 1″- 2″ smaller than the pot you are placing it in. You can trim the roots just like you would trim the stems to keep them fitting the size of the pot you currently have them in, or you can go up in a size with your pot too! Which makes a great argument to having multiple plants/pots in a range of sizes so you can rotate as the plants need! Be careful when you upsize a pot that you don’t get a pot that’s too big but also not too deep! Deep pots are great for big plants that have vast root systems, but not for your tiny plants like marigolds. It would also be a great time to top off your plants with a fresh layer of new soil! Help add any nutrients back into their pots, or planted locations, with new soil right on top! All the benefits of the new soil will reach the roots as it migrates down through the current soil they are planted in.

Oh, The Summer Heat!

I think we are all struggling to ruff it out with the heat that this sunshine brought, but that doesn’t mean we need to stay inside all day! Whether it’s getting up early to beat the baking sun, or heading outside at dusk, there are plenty of ways to get your bones buried this time of year. Add in that the kiddos are now out of school and I get my friends to play with all day long, I know its hard to get a bite into any yard improvements that may have been planned.

There are plenty of plants that actually enjoy this heat too, woof who would do that? Some of my favorites are Hibiscus and Marigolds! They make great accents to the yard and bring a nice POP of color too. Like Marigolds, Hibiscus actually come in a range of colors as well. The most common that you will see is the bright pink, but there is gold, white and even blue if you are lucky enough to find it! That said, like my bones buried in the yard, blue Hibiscus are actually a different family of plant but is so similar it joined the group. Marigolds, while still all fall into the orange/yellow family can throw a nice twist on you with different levels of reds and oranges mixed into their peddles. Coneflowers also really enjoy the summer heat, being apart of the daisy family they tend to look like giant ones! If these aren’t enjoy for you to bark at, how about something like a citrus tree! Lemons and Oranges do well with the heat if they get partial shade during the day, usually better for the later half of the afternoon rather than the morning if my paws don’t get in your way of the planning!

Don’t want a flowering plant or a fruit tree? Japanese Maple trees enjoy our climates if they can get some shade as well! So if you’ve got a part of your yard that gets shaded in the afternoon by other trees or your house, this would be a WOOFING spot for a Japanese Maple! This will also help ADD shade to your yard as well once it gets put in, which not only would be great for my paws, but also gives more room for plants that need partial shade as well! It would be a win-win for me and the yard!

All of these plants, and if we aren’t kidding ourselves me too, will thrive using Planter’s Mix! It is a great sand loam blend that helps keep the plants happy and hydrated without getting too compact that I wouldn’t be able to dig a new hole in, I mean.. it helps keep the roots aerated! Happy roots make for happy plants!

If all of that doesn’t wag your tail, you can never go wrong with a beach or pool day! Even a little kiddie pool adds to the joy of a yard for a pooch like myself! If you want to put down a bigger above ground pool, using a base like the Mason sand would be great! It would help prevent the ground under the pool becoming a total mud pit from me jumping in and out, not to mention my tail shaking with excitement!

Explain the Madness

Yes, it is true, every year at this time we go into shenanigans mode. Whether it is sports, gardening, cleaning and clearing or just a general change. A change in season brings a change of actions! With the ground soil warming up and the plants reaching toward the sun everything is in full swing now! The warm weather brings out all the flowers and the excitement of the sunny days ahead. We got a LOT of rain this winter season which means not only are the wild plants in full swing, but it is a perfect time to get your garden back to full color again.

It’s also a great time to get those veggie gardens ready and going! Our Growers Blend is high in nitrogen to help out with growth and production of the plants. Whether you buy already sprouted plants or you grab some seed to start yourself, the Growers Blend is the best go-to for your veggie gardens!

As far as your plants and trees are concerned, pick up some Planters Mix to refresh your soil or even start new plants! Our Planters Mix is an awesome all around planting soil that you can plant all your hearts desires into! With the Planters being a sandy loam, it will stay light and airy for those finicky plants BUT you can also work on packing it down if you need it to be more sturdy for those hardy saplings!

Planting an assortment of flowers, veggies and trees will not only liven up your life and yard, but it will also be beneficial to nature around you! Watch the bees find your yard and propagate your plants and help spread the pollen for you, and even watch the hummingbirds discover the assortment of buffet options you have provided them with. Did you know that hummingbirds need to feed all day? Often visiting 1,000-2,000 flowers/plants a day to feed, and get an early start of just before sunrise. Like any of us, it’s nice to have a selection of food to pick from, don’t you think? So, while you might be lounging by the pool enjoying the sun, the nature around you is in full swing to keep your yard looking bright and beautiful!

Adding a fountain can also help liven up the space too! You can even set up a fountain to be pond-less which takes away any concern for mosquitos setting up shop directly in your yard. This provides not only a beautiful accent to your own space but water for the animals and nature helping you silently. For a pond-less fountain the Mexican Pebbles make a great accent to the base of the fountain and work wonders on hiding any plumbing you install to keep the water flowing.

Spring is Around The Corner!

With all the storms and rain we have had hit this winter its hard to not be hopeful for spring to show up! I know in California we can all appreciate that we had a pretty mild “Fire season” and that we always need the rain, but its okay to want sunshine too! Our paws getting muddy just walking out the front door is only fun for so long, right?

Get yourself ready for some spring planting, replanting, and total yard makeovers! There are designers ready to help you out to plan your revamp too if you hit a loss of what would work or even simply just look pawtastic. Cindy at Blooming Gardens or Margaret, with A Wylder Design is mighty handy with turning a boring backyard into a picturesque space to make all your neighbors envious! Whether you want a balance between hardscape and keeping it natural, they will bring your imagination to life! Nothing makes new landscape happy than good soil, like the Planter’s Mix. This soil is your all around and go to planting mix. Whether you are putting down seed for your lawn, a full replace of sod, fresh plants/trees/flowers, this soil won’t disappoint! It is a sandy loam, which will be perfect to get my paws in and help you dig out any old plants or soil you want to remove.

Remember to make a big woofing note about your soils too! Plants will utilize the nutrients within whatever soil you plant them in, which in turn means they can take a nice rich soil into something that has a hard time letting plants thrive in. Adding Organic Compost to your existing soil will act as an amendment to what I have already buried bones in, to a thriving soil once again! Nothing will bark “healthy plants!” like good, fresh, nutritional soil.

Are you wanting to build a pathway around your new thriving garden or yard? Take your paws no further than Decomposed Granite (DG)! Not only does the tan/gold color mix well with greenery or even hardscapes, but it will compact and almost harden under all of our paws with a little water and time! Don’t bark up the wrong tree and think its like cement or concrete though! It will chip and crumble like any compacted ground would if you dig into it. All that woofing about it though is not for nothing! A level walking path or even open space for a little sitting area in your yard would be the perfect accent with DG. Easy to maintain, and I won’t be able to get my teeth into it like I might try with a bark path. You can even take this bone one step further and place flagstone on top to make a stone pathway or even just stepping stone style.

Boulders might just be the new chew toy to talk about! They make great accents around your garden or even your pathway. Want to be even more of a bone-a-fied trend setter? Try and find one that has a flat enough surface to place a pot on top! I’ve gotten my paws on some pots that have a center drain hole on the bottom as well as smaller ones around that, and that center hole can be utilized with a bolt and a washer to secure that pot to a post/boulder or stand too! No worrying about those wild winds like we have had so far this February.

Get a Jump on FUN!

We all can appreciate a little rain here in California, but we definitely love having our sunshine to put our paws up in too! This type of weather is the pawfict time to dig up all my bones in the backyard to do a handful of projects! From getting the old soil refreshed with some more nutrients, getting ready for some fresh bark, laying down a paver or concrete pad/patio, or even adding an outdoor living kit.

There are so many ways to get our backyard to become the prime hangout spot for all of our friends, both human and dog! The most common backyard designs listed for this year are outdoor living and “gothic”. This really means, people and pets want to have an enjoyable backyard that is both great to dig in and look at but also comfortable! Too many family members with dogs for your small house? Set up the backyard as an extension, if not a standalone, to your dining/living rooms! Basalite offers many different options to build kits to set up your area to be the perfect host! Whether you want a standalone fireplace to add to your yard, or if you want a whole kitchen set up, they have options for every kind of backyard. One of their pieces will definitely give your friends and family something to bark about!

The gothic style of landscaping really means a lot of dark plants, flowers, and accents! Think of those old Victorian movies who have blood red flowers out front and dark leaved plants accented with thick shrubbery. This kind of landscaping gives me plenty of bone hiding places as well as gives a ethereal look to your property! There are plenty of tall flowering bushes too that can be used as privacy walls if you’ve got those no good nosey neighbors keeping tabs on all my dig spots too! Adding an archway wrapped in vines is a great statement piece, or even some casual lighting to help me keep my paws on the right tack at night! You definitely want to let me help you dig some holes in our existing soil and for sure let me get my paws on mixing in some new soil to make the job go by faster! Nothing says “good dog!” like putting in some hours digging up soil!

Whatever you chose to do with your backyard, make sure you check plants out for being pet safe so I don’t have to pick a bone with you later! Adding statement pieces, whether that’s with planets or fixtures, will always help to make the yard a much more pleasant place to spend your time and disconnect a bit. All of us dogs know how hard it is for you humans to unplug sometimes, but take 5 minutes enjoying the sunlight and plants to recoup from all the screen time. I know I will definitely be enjoying my time more if I got to bark around with you in the yard more often!

Cheers to the New Year!

Who can believe we are already onto a new year?! I can’t wait to get my paws on some new projects in the yard. Digging up old plants, burying bones, and having a barking good time sound like great New Years plans to me! Whether we are just improving on what’s there, or starting a whole new project, there’s a huge selection to choose from! Is our BARK looking a little ruff for wear? Are the plants ready for some new nutrients? What about a nice flagstone pad with a firepit for these paw chilling nights? The options are endless!

Quartzite Silver and Gold adds a great sparkle to the yard while remaining subtle enough for any level of landscaping! Sizes range so much, you are bound to find pieces that will make any size area look pawrific! Wanting to get your paws on something a little more muted? Arizona Buckskin and Rosa are great for that desert or creamy look! With the Arizona’s being sandstone they have a unique richness you can match to any style of yard, plus it’s super easy on my paws just like the Quartzites!

Want to give your neighbors something to really BARK about? Oregon Eagle Patio and boulder pieces make a great pond or waterfall stone! Build them and stack them in all sorts of shapes or designs for a natural look that will make you feel like you’ve found it in the forest. Adding a mix of our Cobble Stone or Drain Rock at the ponds bottom to keep the natural look going for a realistic riverbed. Loose round rock at the bottom means I am less likely to bring any muddy paws back through the house after I inspect your work. Adding in some standard Moss Rock could give you great accent points in your tail waggin’ design too!

All muddy paws aside, we should definitely take the time to enjoy our yards no matter how put together they are or not! Just getting outside to hang out with our paws up or even to run around for some tail wagging and barktacular fun is a great way to spend any time of day! The New Year means new adventures, but don’t forget! We have all year to get our paws dirty!

Oh, The Puddles!

Along with the holiday season being right at our doorstep, so is the rain! Like any good dog, we love to splash and play just as much as the next pup! Though, sometimes we want to make sure our yards stay as dry as they can too.

If you have a gravel driveway Road Base is a great choice to lay down. Road base will compact and get almost too hard for my paws to get through, BUT you won’t be walking in puddles either! It also won’t shift too much, if at all, under my weight or even your car! You will want me to help dig out any water that’s there already though, standing water and the Road Base don’t work very well together, but it doesn’t need to be totally dry either! If you’ve got some DEEP holes of mine to fill, or a culvert to repair the 4″ Cool Cave is a great base layer and erosion control for those kind of areas. Did you know a lot of the Park systems use it on their trails? I get my paws on some every time I go to the Sterling Point Trail around Folsom Lake on high erosion zones! They might be a little too big for a normal dog like me to get their mouth around, but that’s why it works so well. The Cool Cave can also be topped off with Road Base or even the Crushed Fines to fill in the gaps to make it more solid of a surface too. Then you won’t have to worry about my paws getting in the cracks or any little humans tripping either!

Did you know we have a bark-taskular Cool Cave Base? It’s just similar Road Base but its BLUE! It’s also the same type of rock as the 4″ Cool Cave, so if we want to get our paws matching colors we can! On some of my walks in the neighborhoods I see people using it for functional use but also for decorative purposes! It looks absolutely tail wagging as a color accent in your yards.

Hillsides are so much fun for me to stretch my paws running on, but did you know that BARK can help prevent or lessen the likelihood of any of my play space from washing away? Redwood Ground cover (or commonly referred to as Gorilla Hair) is great for steeper hillsides since it mats together just like my hair might after playing! It is a great accent to add to your yard with a vibrant red/brown color that just BARKS against any plant life I haven’t dug up yet. If you’re looking for one that’s easier to walk on, the Walk-on Bark is a great choice too! Both of these are easy on the paws and easy on your yard.

You know those old towels you use to dry me off? Or the bed sheets I have left too many pawprints on to wash off? They make great frost covers for your more sensitive plants with going into the cold season! Just a little extra protection for your sensitive plants will go a long way to getting them through our furry weather! I have my coat and you have your gloves, but do your plants have their blankets?

Has Spring Already Sprung?

It is only the beginning of February and I am already wanting to wade in water.  But what does this do to my friend Mother Earth and her plants?  According to my elder friend Farmer Almanac, he says that California will be mild and dry this winter.  So that’s what we are going with – mild and dry.

For the next 45 days my masters are focusing on two main items ~ which always begin with a PLAN!

Spend some time on your irrigation~ with water being such a precious product, we all want to make sure it is used to the utmost efficiency.  Broken lines, rerouting lines and testing your system should be key.  Draw your garden area out to include irrigation plans.  Set your timers and valves correctly. It will save you time (and $) in the long run.

Devising ways to hold back your soil ~ You know, a way to contain your moist fresh soil! You don’t want that good Growers Blend spilling out of it’s area.  Whether it is a full grown planter bed make with block or an edging made with moss rock, a method of retention is needed.  When you measure, allow for areas to walk, note where the sunny spots will be, and don’t forget about our friend irrigation.  And again it all plays back into your Plan. Most of all by defining planting areas, I will know where the good soil is to lay in!
Option B for planting ~ just purchase one of our Tarter Stock Tanks.  We have oval and round, with multiple sizes to choose from.  I know that it is not easy for me to dig in, but easier for my masters to manage.

Happy Digging!