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Summer Fun

Summer has always been my favorite.  My kid friends are out of school and my days consist of swimming, eating and sleeping.  Now as far as the garden goes, there is always work to be done.

Plan & Plant – We are always planning.  but now is the time to plan your spring bulbs.  And at the same time plant your summer color (marigolds and zinnias are some of my favs).  Our Planters Mix is the best choice for your summer color.  To add art to your yard, with a stock tank container (I love the round one).  It is easy to move and place in your design.

Maintain – Mulch/Bark your area around your garden ( I prefer walk-on bark for my paws).  This will keep moisture in, roots cool and dust down.  Plus it will look amazing.  We have many varieties and colors to choose from.
Be sure to check your watering schedule as our temperature creeps up. And don’t forget your hand watering containers.
Pinch off your herbs so they will keep producing.  Check your feeding schedule for your strawberries.  We all love shortcake!

Harvest – It is about that time.  Morning is the best time to pick that yummy food.  Keep your eye out for rodents and the pesky snakes, they may like the morning too.  Clean up any fallen fruit to avoid the rodent and squirrel issue.  Make up a feast with your tomatoes, peppers and basil – my mouth is drooling already.
And as always – Happy Digging!

Start with a Plan

So you want that “amazing” backyard, but you are not quite sure what that exactly is? For me it is an area to sleep and bury my bones…..In order to make a plan from which to work from, you need to figure out “exactly” what you want! Here is a great list of questions to guide you.

  • Kickoff your plan with measuring your area. Front to back and side to side.  This will determine the square footage you want to touch. Do you have CC&Rs that effect your measurements? In your schematic list the direction of sun light, and any area you want to highlight.
  •  What is your style of your home inside and out. California Mediterranean, Contemporary, Fixer-Upper, Eclectic.  That way your style can flow all the way to your backyard area.
  • How to use is used.  Do you use the area for large entertainment; mediation;  multiple gardening options; activities – putting green, pickle ball, basketball?
  • Set the budget on your plan.  Elements in your plan may also include irrigation needs, lighting, hardscaping, gas and electrical.
    It seems like a lot to put down to begin your project, but in that process you may discover a new place to hide your “bones”.  As always Happy Digging!


I know I should be planning….

January is here, all my masters Christmas presents have been unwrapped.  And my master has been frantically cleaning.  But why?  They said January is a planning month.  So why not start time-lining your 2018 projects?  For us dogs it’s all about treats.  But for you humans it’s about your humble abode…
What to do in January:
* Gather Ideas -Use Pintrest, your neighbor, home shows, etc.  Make sure your ideas are products that are available.  For example, don’t pin a rock found in New Zealand that you want to put in Northern California – think freight costs.
* Gather Numbers – Measure, measure, measure.  Know the square footage you are working with.  Draw your project up with measurements. Allow for lighting, plants, hardscapes, plants, accent rocks, walkways, pathways & entertaining areas.
* Gather Samples – visit your local supply (online or in person) store  (Valley Rock) and take some samples and or pictures. Grab a brochure or two, determine your color scheme, decide on your style (beach, craftsman, fixer-upper), make a budget.
* Make Decisions – Once you have an idea what you want, decide on what you will do; and what you want a professional to handle.  Schedule appointments with Landscape Contractors once you know what you want.  Don’t go in blind, you will waste your time and theirs.
I always plan where I am burying my bone before I dig that hole.  And I know you humans do the same!  Happy Digging!