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Time to spruce up!

Posted: April 21, 2023  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Let’s get started! Let’s get started Always number 1- spoil you soil, and I mean in a good way! Great soil makes for strong plants. Treat your garden like a first-class friend….

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Posted: February 16, 2023  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

So much to Bark about. Bark/ mulch comes in different colors, sizes and shapes. Below are the products we keep in stock. The fibrous bunch:Redwood Ground Cover – This Redwood product, really…

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Sweaters n’ September

Posted: September 14, 2022  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

The hot weather is finally behind us, cool nights are creeping in. We have been cooped up inside for so long to avoid the heat, we are finally starting to make our…

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On to the May flowers..

Posted: April 21, 2022  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

We always get the showers in April and the may flowers are bound to follow. Here are a few key steps my masters do to make sure there are veggies o’ plenty…

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Creating Defensible Zones

Posted: August 10, 2021  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

As the main defender of my home, I know how important it is to keep my masters safe, but there’s one thing I can’t protect against…wildfires. California now requires 100 feet of…

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Experience is Key

Posted: April 7, 2021  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

I have heard the phase that experience is key.  And as a senior dog (I am 100 human years young); I would love to pass some wisdom down…. Plan, Participate, Party Always…

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Defense is key

Posted: September 30, 2020  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas, Uncategorized |

Defense, as in Football?  No, defense, as in defensible space around your home. This is always a requirement in our dry climate. When my masters talk about defensible space, they are referring…

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September to Remember?

Posted: September 8, 2020  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

September just turned the page to a new beginning.  The end of hot spells, the beginning of leaves turning and most of all, the anticipation for the Autumn season.   Here are just…

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