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Maybe a #firepit is in order?

Posted: August 27, 2018  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

All I hear lately is fire pit…what is it with you humans, and your obsession with feeling cozy?  Just think about the options available to create such a space….
*  I’m a formal dog – For this look, install a  paving stone area (such as #calstone) with a natural gas firepit.  Add a small courtyard wall to define the area. No smoke, no wood, no fuss.  It is clean, straight lines and becomes an outdoor extension of your home.
* I’m a casual dog – My idea of a #firepit is real wood, but still cozy.  This dog likes a solid surface for the ground, maybe #flagstone with #gatordust joints.  The fire pit is a #Stonewall II, two row fire pit kit.  Nice and circular allowing for conversation (or barking) with your guests.

* I’m a country dog –  I like the spaces open and free.  My fire pit area is made of compacted #DecomposedGranite with #gatorstonestabilzer.  And my fire pit kit is the Stonewall II, 3 row kit.  A little higher kit, with room for a roaring real wood bonfire!

No matter what taste your dog has, #valleyrock is the place to start.  With #firewood available, along with all the pieces to your new project.  As always……Happy Digging!

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