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September- summer’s last kiss

Posted: September 16, 2017  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Who doesn’t love fall time?  Cooler nights and milder days…. after 35 extremely hot days in the last three months; today is a blessing! With that in mind, it is time to get outside and get things done on a perfect September day.
*  Fall Planting can be enchanting- Yellows, purples and oranges.  These are the colors that compliment my coat the best.  To get the most of your fall gardening, amend, amend, amend.  Our Planters Mix is the perfect solution!  You can pick it up or we can send a truck.
* Maintain so you don’t strain – Deadhead your plants and shrubs. They will love you for it. The more you do now in this mild weather, the more your garden will continue to flourish. It will also help produce new growth and bloom.
* Harvest fest keeps you unstressed -When your veggies are finished producing, and as you begin to pull the garden out, don’t forget to add it to your compost pile.  And oh yeah, make some yummy fresh salsa for my master.
* Fire & Flame to watch the ball game- So now is the time to start that fire pit or fire place lounge area. I know how you humans love that fire.  We can help with the materials and design elements. Start with your measurements and go from there!
As you breathe in the fresh September air, don’t despair, just grab a chair and share….. Happy Digging!


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