Equipment Rental


Sometimes you need some equipment to help you finish a project. We have rentals available to assist you. Rentals are charged per day. You can pick up the Rental Equipment, or we can bring with your scheduled material delivery.

Box Carts

This is what you need to move that large moss rock, tree of fountain. We rent Box Carts, also known as rock dollies, are designed just for this purpose

Box Cart 24 inch $25.00 daily

Box Cart 30 inch $30.00 daily

Box Cart 36 inch $35.00 daily

Sod Roller

This is used to level surfaces out, just add the weight by filling with water. Create your decomposed granite pathway, level your planters mix before planting, or use when installing sod.

Sod Roller $15.00 daily

Wheel Barrel

Who doesn’t need a wheel barrel even now and then? You can use for carrying heavy objects, soil, bark or rock.

Wheel Barrel $10.00 daily