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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

I don’t really love the rain… my humans don’t like to take me on very many walks, my paws are always wet, and my favorite toys get covered in mud!

What I do love about the rain is my humans are home more (which means more belly rubs for me!) The rain always makes the house cold, so my humans use Black Walnut Hardwood to heat up the house! I LOVE curling up in my dog bed next to the fire, and this stuff really warms me up! The Black Walnut Hardwood burns so hot and for such a long time!

 My humans keep talking about how convenient it was to pick up since it was available in full pallets, half pallets and by the bundle! There is no dirt, no bark, which means less mess! (Although who doesn’t love to BARK) They even purchase the smaller pieces sometimes which I think makes for a rather great stick to chew on!

Where did November go?

Now who doesn’t love November….Our cool nights have begun (aka me by the fire), the leaves are falling (aka me rolling in leaves) and my master is inside making treats that may fall to the ground (aka me licking floor).  So from my perspective….not a bad gig.  But as always, my master is working, working, working.  While I am sleeping, sleeping sleeping.  And what are they doing?
*  Maintain if no Rain – So the rain does not always fall on the plain.  If we have a dry spell, turn the water on for a bit to keep your plants happy.  And don’t forget about those potted plants under cover.
*  Protect- don’t neglect – Everything likes to be warm.  This includes the soil.  A nice layer of bark would make those roots happy.  My master has many varieties to choose from!  If mud is a problem, maybe a crushed rock is the solution.  This will keep the mud down and much easier to drive or walk on.
*  Cold can be controlled – So you are getting a bit of a chill in the evenings?  Well good thing my master has firewood and kindling in stock!  Now a 1/4 cord can fit into the back of a pickup, lickety-split it can be home for you. Or if you need a larger portion…..call and set up a delivery.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to grab a bundle of kindling too.
So whatever this season brings for us all, just remember a warm fire, a cute dog (aka me), with family and friends makes all things better.  Happy Digging!

For the Love of Fire

So I have a friend of mine named Wyatt, that knows a lot about fire.This young male human taught me many things…..including the love of the flame. Why the flame you ask?  Now my friend Wyatt seems to enjoy the color…but my masters love the function.

*  Qing and Smoking- now these cooking methods bring out the flavors of good ole meat.  Some prefer to use the Charcoal Briquets for the simplest method; or Lump Charcoal which is 100% hardwood and contains no chemicals…all natural and adds smokey flavor.  Wood Chunks can be combined while grilling with briquets and lump charcoal, creating the must yummiest of flavors.  All these Lazzari restaurant grade products are available at my masters yard.
*  Firewood- you could be a Oak Firewood fan or an Almond Firewood fan, both varieties are for sale in multiple quantities.  The firewood is sold by the full cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord and a small rack.  You can pick firewood up (and pet me while you are here) or my masters can deliver to you!  Always seasoned, 16″ split and ready to burn.
*  FirePits – this is the my most  preferred item….a place to lounge by, visit with my master, feel the warmth and see the flame (as my friend Wyatt has taught me).  My masters have ready made firepits at their yard in STOCK!  Basalite ***Stonewall II, Compact and Grand FirePits are currently featured.  You can also create your own design with use of our Natural Stone selection.
What ever your fire flavor – lover, starter or cooker, my masters have the items for you!  Happy digging….and Qing!