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I am a Master

I suppose you have heard the phase “jack of all trades; master of none”.  Well me, as a canine, I do object, because my owners name is Master?  But I have another friend who is a master gardener.  And Margaret (that’s my friend), always said to plant your garden by Mothers Day.  This has always been due to late hail that can damage young plantings.  But, surprise, it has been a dry April.

So if you have not planted yet, there is still time.  New this year, My Master  brought in Stock Tanks for raised garden beds.  With lumber pricing being so crazy (result of 2020 shut down); this is a great solution.  They are sturdy, functional and bring another element to your design.
And we do carry a variety ~ 3′, 4′ and 6′ in oval shape; 3′ and 4′ in round shape.  Along with the fully contained tanks, my Master also offers 6′ oval with an open base and 3′ round with an open base.  The 3′ open base is also a fire ring ` ingenious! All tanks are galvanized.
We all know our Growers Blend is tried and true for veggies . But to improve even more, we now carry Heritage Bag products.  Empire Builder Blend, Perfect Potting Soil, Organic Compost and Worm Castings (my fav). The worm castings will only improve your crop!  So stop by and see us, my Master can help you.  Happy Digging!

Experience is Key

I have heard the phase that experience is key.  And as a senior dog (I am 100 human years young); I would love to pass some wisdom down…. Plan, Participate, Party

Always plan your projects out, whether or not it is an yard project, or a life project.  I have found that it helps for me.  If I plan where I will hide a bone, I am more likely to find it later.  In landscaping, a design plan or sketch is the beginning.  Now measurements, even if you pace it off like I do, it must be done.  How can you start, if  you don’t know what you are getting into?
Participation always helps.  To be present in the moment, makes it all worth it.  I like to pace around an area and mark it, if you know what I mean.  By determining the purpose of your landscape project, selecting your product style and staying on top of the action plan all add up to a winning combo.  My team mates at Valley Rock can help you with this.  They seem to know everything about products and their purpose.
Party, this is the fun phase. The work is done, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.  In my case the bones of your labor.  Sit, relax, enjoy your new water feature, BBQ Island, paver patio, and of course your family.  All the years that I have been digging on this Earth, my family is what I value the most.  So plan, participate and party!  Life is good – Happy Digging!

No More Leftovers

You ever feel like all you get is left overs? January felt like a leftover from 2020, February felt like a left over from January.  And that April is around the corner, we are beginning to feel new again!

For 2021, livable luxury that is versatile with earthly palettes to refresh, renew and recreate. Does that sound right? But we have been recreating ourselves for the past 12 months in ways we did not think possible.

We are using every bit of space in our homes.  A table is not only for family meals, but also for board meetings and school projects. With all of us “hanging” around the home, it would be nice to have our outside areas even more usable.

Patios and Courtyards have become meeting areas, food prep and project  zones.  So why not utilize EVERY inch.  Versatile, durable and inviting. And as a digger of dirt (so my master says) I always start from the bottom up.  Install a concrete paver stone patio.  With paver stones you can make the area flat, firesafe and pleasing to the eye.  You can customize the look to match your interior design.
With Calstone Paver products there are so many options, in both color, shapes and patterns. Add dimensions with Roman Stone.  Roman Stone; this is a solid block, finished on all sides with ten colors to choose from.  By creating sitting walls, courtyard walls, counters or columns the area truly is an additional living area.

And for added flair you can put in a raised planter stock tan.  My masters have oval and round ones to choose from.  Such a nice finishing touch!

Renew, refresh, reimagine ~ all the tools are at your fingertips.  Happy Digging!


Defense is key

Defense, as in Football?  No, defense, as in defensible space around your home. This is always a requirement in our dry climate. When my masters talk about defensible space, they are referring to creating a fuel break in the event of a wildfire – yikes!

Defensible Landscape – What is that?  It is landscape designed with fire safety in mind.  Still using the elements, functionality, style that you desire with your safety always a priority.  Visualize your yard in two zones.

Zone 1 is within 15′ to 30′ of your residence.  So what does that look like?  It can be a paver patio in the backyard up against your home. And a hardscape courtyard in the front as you enter your home.  Function with style.
Zone 2 is within 30′ to 100′ of your residence.  Now, this gets to be quite a large area. This area can include flagstone pathways between your plants; rock or decomposed granite walkways through your garden; or even a dry cobble creek bed within your design.
By adding these elements, you can create a beautiful area and a fuel break in the event of a wild fire.    Stay safe, and Happy Digging!


Finally Fall…..

What season is it? What day is it?  For some reason, I hear that a lot these days. To answer the question- today it is the Fall! My time to roll in the leaves, enjoy the cooler nights and the smell of the harvest….All the things us doggies love, besides digging.  After all our hot and smokey summer days, digging would actually do me and your garden good. Some garden TLC is in order.

By TLC, we mean adding nutrients back in that have been depleted.

First and foremost, Dig, dig in deep, and dig some more.   To really be efficient till your soil down 8 to 12 inches (wow that’s great).  But even 4 to 6 inches can be an improvement for the soil. Then you are ready to start the soil amending process.
Second, amending (that’s a big word) of the soil.  A great add in is Nufiber compost – coming straight from the central valley.  If you soil does not need this rich of a blend- try our Growers Blend or Planters Mix.  After the amending (adding in) is complete, leave the soil alone for a day or two so.  The organic materials (soil enhancements) will have time to decompose and provide nutrients into the soil. Yummy for your soil!
Your amended soil with bless you tremendously.  You have now created an opportunity for moisture retention. Your garden will yield a large, healthy and nutritious crop; your flowers will shine and your trees will thrive.
Last, but not least, check your watering.  Repair any damaged lines, or reroute as needed.  Look at your watering times.  Our daylight is changing.
Take time to smell the flowers and as always – Happy Digging!

September to Remember?

September just turned the page to a new beginning.  The end of hot spells, the beginning of leaves turning and most of all, the anticipation for the Autumn season.   Here are just a few things to remember in September for your outdoor living area.

On our smokey days (carbon dioxide) can increase the growth of your plants.  And we sure have had our share of smokey hot days. So help your plants by amending your soils with compost or planters mix. Clear out dead parts and help those plants to flourish once again.
Have you noticed the sunshine is lessening?  With a later sunrise time, and an earlier sunset time, don’t forget to check your irrigation times for watering.  And if you add Fall color – don’t forget to set the water for that area as well. Your plants will appreciate the attention.
Firewood, yes I said firewood.  We have Oak and Almond firewood in stock; ready for delivery or pick up.  Palletized firewood is also available (1/2 cord on a pallet)- clean and ready to load. No matter what amount you want, we can accommodate your request.  And don’t forget the kindling.  We have it by the bundle.

Most of all don’t forget the Autumn food- apple pie is my favorite.  Happy Digging!

Summer Summer Summer

Boy I do love summer- and weekends are ALWAYS loading – warm nights, sitting by the pool with my master……It is also a great time to add a new element to your yard.  We have plenty of outdoor time. And I sure intend on utilizing it!

Quartzite Flagstone ~ My fur does look amazing next to the Quartzite Products.  Quartzite Silver or Gold hails from Idaho.  It has mica in it, that creates a sparkle.  You can have a patio, courtyard or just a pathway.  Flagstone can be placed 5″ to 6″ apart and planted in between to create an informal look.  Or you can combine Gator Dust (Gray or Beige), a polymeric product used in the joints to ensure a solid surface.  Gator Dust will help with the pesky weeds.

Mexican Pebbles- What a choice.  This pebble is smooth round and beautiful.  Picked off the beaches of our friends from the south, this product does not disappoint.  We carry from 1/4″ to 2″x3″ sizes with multiple colors.  The most popular is the black pebble.  But we also bring in the red, buff and multi-color blend.  My master says this product is “premium”.

So whether you add a patio, or just accent with a different pebble.  Large or small, change is good.  I think all you humans know that by now.  Happy Digging!

June Swoon

You ever notice in June there is always a swoon…..that just makes me want to rest and relax.  But my masters, they take advantage of the picture perfect days!  They even want to build walls, now that is crazy.  Here are three natural stones that make a nice dry stack wall.

  • Moss Rock ~ A lava product from Northern California.  This is available various sizes; minis, headsize, double headsize and boulders.  The most economical choice and most common in our area. It pairs well with the cold water canyon flagstone, Mexican pebble red and small deco bark.
  • Oregon Eagle ~ This angular accent rock is brown with gold and gray under tones, and is from the state of Oregon.  This wall pairs well with Oregon eagle patio flagstone, Mexican pebble buff, and brown bark.
  • Rocky Mountain Granite ~ Is also from our northern neighbors in Oregon.  It is a salt and pepper granite with hints of gold.  A wall made of this would be well accented by slate 3″ minus, Mexican pebble black 1×2, and black bark.

Now in building a dry stack wall, use 25 sqft per ton coverage formula as an approximate calculation.  Always make a footer with crushed rock, and re-enforce with a roll of our weed barrier.  You will love the results.  Happy Digging!