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Ahhh, the summer breeze…..

Posted: August 7, 2023  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

That summer breeze is always one of my favorite things in life. The heat of the our dog days are less, but still warm. And poor do these plants in my yard show it. Hear are just a few items you can work on to make your yard bloom again.

  • Dead head your shrubs, plants and flowers. Prune off any damage, and remove any branches from trees that are a problem. You will know just by looking at them! Once your clean up is complete, top that soil off with some fresh planters mix, growers blend or compost. Your yard will reward you.
  • Plant your cool-weather crops in some fresh soils to get them a head start going into the Fall season! Or mix in some compost to your old soil to give life back to the nutrients for the new plants.
  • Spruce up your planter areas with some smooth Mexican Pebbles to give accent to your yard. We have a range of colors and sizes to fit any space; big or small! The La Paz and the Criva have a range of colors in each batch to give even more life to your yard!
  • If you’ve got any cold temperature sensitive plants, you can wrap them in burlap or sheets to help protect them from the cold and weather the winter ahead!
  • Keep an eye on your watering! You may have to water a whole lot less with the cooler weather coming, but you don’t want to dry your plants out either! Keep track of how wet your soil is, about an inch from the top, to determine how much you should be watering.
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