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The Time is Now

We have all heard this phrase “the time is now”, but really it is. The time is now to complete the things you want to complete.  If you have been putting off your home projects, because of time, maybe that priority has changed.  I know as a dog, my priority is always, sleep, eat and dig.  Maybe you could learn a little from “man’s best friend”.  These are my masters favorite projects in the Spring.

  • Starting the veggie garden – Soil, water, plants and sun.  Basic ingredients.  Now we can help you with the soil. Our Growers Blend is an organic product and the perfect choice for your vegetable garden.  With a combination of dairy manure, humus, and organic matter, it adds all the ingredients possible to make your garden amazing!  This is tried and true for my masters.  they always have plenty of veggies
  • Topping off under the plants – dressing up under the plants.  it not only looks good, but it will help with weed control and moisture retention.  The selection of bark is amazing, colored barks, nugget bark and shredded barks.  Take your pick.  Bark is light, so a yard to yard and a half will fit in a pick up truck.
  • Adding a little rock into the blend; under plants, next to the house, in a creek bed and for drainage.  My masters do have two new rocks this year.  First, is the 3″ Minus Slate – a flat slate rock with black, gray and tans.  This is a perfect choice for the modern look.  The second new product is 1″ minus Oroville Gold.  The Oroville Gold rock is a tan, gray and gold round rock.  This fits more into the Mediterranean home theme. These are only two of the dozen of rocks my masters have in stock.

So the time is now, for projects, gardens and up keep on your home – and we can help!  Happy digging…..

Fire Safe = Neighbor Friendly

Fire Safety is a year round event for us Californians.  Fire Safety is not only smart, but will also increase the value of your property.  And that my fellow neighbors is good news for all.  As far as us dogs are concerned, what ever makes my owners happy, makes me even happier.
*  Prune, clean and clear your property year round.  Not only is it fire smart, but it will reduce the rodent and insect population.
* Create firebreaks with hardscaping.  Add a path made of flagstone, a patio or courtyard  installed with Calstone pavers or even design in a moss rock wall to add dimension.
* Install a water feature.  A pondless feature with a rock stream, a fountain accented by Mexican Pebble, or a full pond with fish.  It will cover more area up in your yard, provide a pleasant sound, and more importantly a drinking spot for me!
* Decrease soil erosion with installation of rock, stone or any other hardscape on all open ground areas.  This will also decrease water run off in the winter. And fire safety in our dry months.
* If you reside on a large piece of property, 30 feet of clearance is suggested.  Eliminate fire ladders by trimming the bottom of trees, mow frequently, group plants together and cover up the ground.  Fire fuel is not our friend.

But most of all be a good neighbor (I know I am).  What one home does (or does not do)  can effect all the others.  Happy Digging!

And OH what a Spring it is!

I think this was the longest winter I have ever seen in my doggie life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rolling in the mud, and sitting by the fire.  But what I really love is a beautiful spring day, and digging up rocks :).  My favorite rock is Mexican Pebble.

* Mexican Pebble is a very smooth round rock off the beaches of Mexico.  My owners supply this product in multiple colors and sizes.
* Color is a power which influences our souls. The most popular by far is Black Mexican Pebble;  to me it looks more gray/black.   The Red Mexican Pebble; has a purple reddish hue.  And the Buff Mexican Pebble is a golden beige with specks of black and red.  Every choice is unique.
* Size, it’s not the size of the dog, but the size of the fight in the dog!  But our sizes for Mexican Pebble are 1/2″x 1″  1″x 2″  2″x 3″.  The 2″x 3″ is ideal for accenting river beds (and mix with cobble).  The 1″x2″ is most popular of all, plants, ground cover, water features.  The 1/2″x 1″ is a great solution between pavers or flagstone and ground cover.
* Do you want to go smaller?  We do have a Mexican  La Paz (3/8″x 5/8″)  and a Mexican Criva (1/8″ x 1/4″).  Both products are 90% black, with the remainder of red and buff mixed in.  Visualize the the pebbles smoothed and washed down naturally to become these smaller sizes. This would great as an elegant pathway for me to run on!
What ever product you choose, just remember, Happy Digging!