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Good bye July…Hello August!

Posted: July 29, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas | 2 Comments

July is certainly going out with a bang!!  The heat, the smoke, and the dryness.  But with August, we have some fun days to look forward to!
*  BFF Day- August 4th.  We all have BFFs, I have two- Maggie (a dobie dog angel in heaven) and Lucy (a crazy white boxer). Make your best friend a nice gift, a potted plant, an ice cold drink, or offer to help with chores around the yard.  Or in my case, help them dig a nice deep hole!
*  Watermelon Day – August 4th.  Ice cold watermelon on a hot day…yum.  Add your fresh basil in to accent  your watermelon, avocado salad.  Or make watermelon juice and enhance your favorite frosty beverage!
* Bonfire Day – August 10th.  With our last month of summer ahead of us- what a perfect time to construct that fire feature.  Whether you make it for firewood or gas, a fire feature is always a welcoming gathering spot.  Your fire feature shape can be round or square, what ever compliments your home’s motif.  You can make it formal with Courtyard Block. or casual with Moss Rock Boulders.  Just make it inviting!

So this first week in August, remember to contact your BFF, serve them watermelon, and sit around your fire feature.  Gaze up at the blue moon in the sky (July 31st), and make a toast.  My toast is to my BFF Maggie-salute.  Ahhhh what a life, remember us dogs are always your FIRST BFF, so please throw me a bone. Happy Digging!





July 31, 2015 at 09:34am

So glad you were able to spread a little sunshine your way......We all need our BFFs!

Jane Theuer

July 29, 2015 at 13:19pm

Thanks for the update Odie. I will be sure to take your advice and share some watermelon with my BFF's! Life is too short not too. In fact, your post was so inviting that I had to sneak away from my afternoon meeting to grab a slice of watermelon! Yummy!!! P.S. You look very happy with your BFF. Love your big smile :)