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It’s really hot and dry , it must be the end of July….

Posted: July 27, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Boy by the end of July I’m hot and the ground is dry.  I’m continually looking for a place to cool my paws and wet my tongue. If I pant this much, I can’t image how the plants and trees feel. They can’t cool themselves off,  so why don’t we help the vegetation out just a little bit?  Let’s add some items, and remove some items:
*   Remove dead leaves, trim branches (off of roof line), and clear any fire fuel brush.  Thin plants out so they don’t touch each other, it eliminates fire “ladders”.  You are creating a free zone area near your home in case of a fire.

*   Add decomposed granite, rock or path fines for ground cover.  Place boulders in your landscape.  Create rock walls for fire blocks, and a place to sit!  Or in my case a place to perch from. Accent with some fire resistant plants, such as lavender, honeysuckle and agave.
By all of us dogs and humans working together, we can all stay safe.  And don’t worry, if I do smell or see anything, I will bark. Happy Digging!


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