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A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

Posted: August 4, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Now that’s what I’m barking about.  I do like variety to break up my naps…yawn.  I am generally about getting not much done, and a little of nothing!  In my doggie brain that logic makes complete sense.  So to help you humans- here are a bit of suggestions:
*  Organize your garden and yard equipment.  Clean your tools and sharpen them till they shine.  Glam up your working area. Once you find a spot for everything, you can decorate.   It will make you feel better and maybe you won’t yell at me so much!
*  Entice your senses in the garden- Add thyme on the path way, so when you walk on it, the smell lingers.  Put a piece of yard art on your fence, a little eye candy never hurt anyone!  Let your herbs bloom a bit, it encourages butterflies that look so pretty. Plant your garden in layers (heights) and shades of green. Besides don’t we all want to go green and reach higher?
*  Plants really are our friends- Plant peppermint or spearmint- those pesky ants really do hate it!  Accent with marigolds, they seem to keep the mosquitos away.  Add in some rosemary, this will irritate the slugs and snails.  Most of all don’t forget lavender. Lavender is heat loving, and the fleas hate it!  For that one I thank you.

As we are all working on harvesting our gardens, trimming plants from the heat, and starting our next projects, remember, a little goes a long way.  So stop in and talk with my humans.  They really do know what they are talking about.  And oh yeah, happy digging!

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