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When you find your path, you must ignore fear OR create another path!

Posted: June 5, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

We all need to follow a path, whether it be to your favorite lookout point or an entrance to a patio area.  So how about using Gator Stone stabilizer on your next path?   Gator Stone is a one-coat procees that creates a strong bond that resists surface erosion So you ask, what do I do? Start by marking your vision, with a rope or paint.
Outline it, make sure it is wide enough to walk on, and has some shape. Next, measure the area, length times width, now you have your square footage.  Be sure you allow extra amount for curves in your design.
Select your product…do you like decomposed granite?  This will give you the look of beautiful day wine tasting….Or do you prefer a classy sonoma gold path fines that gleams in the sun?  Our website has fantastic pictures of products, or you can drive on down to make your selection.
Begin excavating (digging, that’s my favorite part), dig down about four inches.  Line each side with bend-a-board, staking it about every 12″, you will use more stakes where the curves reside.  The bend-a-board comes in 1x4x20 pieces so plan accordingly.
Lay down a layer of our weed barrier, we have it in stock.
Put down 1.5″ deep of your selected material (decomposed granite, etc.), rake and compact (down to 1″).  Repeat this process till you reach the top of the bend-a-board.
Spray on the Gator Stone evenly to your pathway.  While the surface is still wet, compact again.  Allow 24 to 48 hours for surface to cure.
Now find your path and ignore fear!  And remember, my owners are always here to help.  Happy Digging!

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