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Container Gardening, as long as I can climb in it, I’m good with it!

Posted: June 8, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Container gardening can add an aesthetic touch to your home; or be a great place to plant those tomatoes! Container gardening can be used in small places, places with little light, and spots with lots of light.  Here are some steps to get every dog or human started:  1.  Pick you container.  Have the container reflect you and your home.  An elegant pot, a modern container or an old cowboy boot.  Have fun with it, just make sure it has a hole for drainage.
2.  Use good soil (my owners have organic potting soil), it will retain more water and make your plants happy.
3.  Have all your plants be friends.  If it is a full sun area, make sure all plants are full sun.  Use the three amigos, Thrill, Fill and Spill brothers.  The Thrill is the eye catching larger plant; the Fill are the plants that fill in the area; and the Spill are the plants that spill over the containers edge.
4.  With our drought concerns, make sure you water before 8 am and after 9 pm.  And if you are a smart dog, you will choose plants that are heat tolerant and require low water.
5.  If you are planting your boxes for vegetables, you can also add ornamental plants to dress up the look of your garden. Pretty and functional, I dig it. Speaking of digging, garden boxes are usually big enough for me to get into and dig, dig, dig.
Happy Digging!




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