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June swoon, make a plan soon.

Posted: June 1, 2015  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

The June swoon is here…just a bid cooler than average with a slight breeze.  That’s my kind of day and I do enjoy watching these humans remove their lawns.  But the really good ones always start with a plan.
Step One – Measure your area (even I can walk it off with my four paws) and make a sketch with correct measurements.
Step Two – Nail down the function; courtyard, additional walkway, planting beds, fire pit, and just low water! Pick your style,   mediterranean, tropical, rustic, cottage etc.
Step Three-Determine what materials are needed for your design; topsoil for mounding, planters mix for plants, road base & plaster sand for paver install and so on. Use your measurements to determine the correct amounts.
Step Four – Contact my owners- believe me, they can help…especially if you have a plan.  Product suggestions, calculations, brochures, product lists, and scheduling of deliveries.
Step Five – START!!!! That way I can roll in your fresh dirt.
Happy Digging!






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