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What’s up for Spring 2017?

Posted: January 24, 2017  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

For me, exciting trends about Spring would be full access to a supply of treats. For you humans trends are quite different. Here are just a few trends to ponder on…….

* The use of natural materials.  Creating a Decomposed Granite living area vs. a concrete living area.  Introducing more natural stone and decorative rock for ground space.  Timeless look and stunning too!
*  Mash it up.  Try combining your current “old” style with a new element.  Mix in some Mexican pebble to dress up an older retaining wall at the base.  Add some manufactured stone to you BBQ island, your fireplace or even the front of your home.  Mash is in.
*  Green me….yes I do mean sod.  There are mow free sod varieties available if you are unable to mow.  Or reinstall sod in an area that went dormant.  Not only does it look luscious, but it feels good on my paws!
Within the next thirty days, we will have about two more hours of sunset (an earlier sunrise and a later sunset).  So get trending at your home.  Happy Digging! #valleyrock #spring2017

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