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The door way to 2017

Posted: January 9, 2017  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas, Uncategorized |

Now that we are deep into January, the holidays have passed and we are experiencing the end of our drought; what’s a dog to do?  I am fully aware that January is a time of planning, not just for me and my yummy bones, but for all of us.  Our country is planning a new administration, and you may be planning your upcoming projects.  Here are a few things we can all do to get it going.

  • Prune, remove broken limbs, and weed.  The storm has roughed up our yards.  Check for limbs that may break off, and cut them now.  Dispose of leaves and clear out the gutters (again).  The earth is receiving all this amazing moisture and getting ready as our days grow slightly longer.
  • Dig up dormant shrubs and relocate.  For your best results, now is the time.  And when you do, come get some growers blend to amend the process.
  • Do your research for your feature projects- map out your area, gather ideas and product information.  The time is now to schedule appointments for work to begin on our dry days.The Romans originally never considered January or February actually months…it was winter, dark and cold and to them “monthless”.  But to us, these 59 days are precious.  Without January there would be no baking, or soup, or diets!  Not to even mention February and chocolate. As our days grow a ‘little’ longer we can all enjoy a little soup just resting next to the fire, we me your faithful servant.  Happy Digging!
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