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What the Fest?

Posted: March 20, 2017  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Ever notice everyone is having a “fest”- beer-fest, food-fest, and what about this “March madness” stuff, Or is is March mulching? So me, as a dog, I will declare my own fest-  Bark-fest.  To me that’s all about the bark, the bark, the bark, oh puppy.  But to you humans it is all about the mulching.  Here are my picks…

*Deco Barks- Gotta love the nugget shape.  More traditional look with the brown/red hue. You may prefer small (3/4″ish) or large (11/2″ ish) in size, either way, both match my eyes.
* Dyed Barks – Black or Brown dyed barks sure do have solid consistent colors.  Black or Brown will punch up your home and give it a pop.
* Fiberous Barks-  Shredded Cedar and Redwood Ground Cover are most excellent choices for slopes.  And as a bonus are most economical selections.
Chipped Barks- Playground Fiber and Walk-on are both more of a chipped product.  Playground Fiber aka shock-ab is the pick for playgrounds.  And Walk-on bark, is always a crowd pleaser.

So go Fest it up at your place- it’s all about the bark, the bark, the bark, oh puppy.  Happy digging!

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