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Get your Grow On!

Posted: April 27, 2017  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Yes…..the rains have stopped- who thought we would be saying that???  After the wettest year on record, our ground is moist and cravings nutrients.  So if your need some advice on soil, I’m your dog. Because he whom digs in it, knows it.

*Screened Topsoil – This is a screened soil (meaning rocks have been removed) excellent for mounding or filling holes prior to topdressing.
*Planters Mix – Also known as 50-50 mix.  A combination of screened topsoil and rich compost.  This is the most common choice for landscape plants and general planting.
*Growers Blend – Now this is my favorite.  It is OMRI certified dairy manure blended soil.  Now if you want a happy tummy filled with yummy veggies; this is the product.  And yes, it does have the rich smell that makes me want to roll in it!

So as you plant your garden, don’t forget to amend your soil.  And as always, Happy Digging!

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