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Fire it up!

Posted: November 1, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

November …ahhh a month of falling leaves, short days, cool evenings and gaining an hour of sleep.  The sleep part is the best news yet.  But even better are the long nights.  This is when my master builds a fire for me to curl up next to!  There is so much caution, care and information when dealing with fire….
For outside fires
*  Make sure you have at least a 10 foot clearance.  Not too close to the house and not too close to any combustible materials.
*  Avoid those windy days.  Pick a safer day to have that bonfire.
*  Check any burning day ordinances in your area.  We surely do not want you to get a fine.
Fireplace, Fire Pit,  Firewood
* A fireplace….nothing like seating along side my master.  They always clean the fireplace out and keep the area in front of it clear.
* Fire pits are always a crowd pleaser.  You can make a firepit out of moss rock, ledgestone, retaining wall block or manufactured stone.  Prices do vary on the products, but all have an amazing outcome.
*  Now on to Firewood.  This is a staple for every wood burning home.  Our firewood is a 16″ split dry wood, and ready to burn. Firewood is purchased by full cord, 1/2 cord, 1/4 cord or a small rack.  Your pick-up truck can handle 1/4 cord or small rack; some larger trucks can even hold a 1/2 cord.  My owners will also deliver the firewood for you…just call!
So on these long cool nights ahead, be safe and be prepared. Happy Digging! #firewood #

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