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What is your yard decor?

We all love to decorate our homes.  But how about our outdoor portions of our homes?  Adding a different rock, a colored bark, a courtyard wall, or new paving stone patio.  Ahhh the possibilities that are available to you humans….

* Let’s start basic- Rock- The shape of the rock, do you want a round rock or a crushed (jagged) rock?  Next is the size.  Rock can be as large as Cobble Rock that is  2″ to 4″ or 5″ to 12″ in size.  And as small as a small as a path fines (1/4″ minus) or decomposed granite.  The size you choose mainly depends on it’s function.  A walkway requires a small size for safety reasons. A 3/8″, 3/4″ or 1/1/2″ makes for a great ground cover.  The larger cobble rocks are ideal for river beds. Now don’t even get me started on boulders….. and the colors of rocks!
* Bark aka Mulch – A Bark/Mulch can be a chip product, a fibrous product or a nugget shaped product.    The function of bark can be to keep your plants warm at night, moisture close to the soil and weed control.  It is light and easy to install.  It can add a pop of color and texture change to your decor. A win-win for my owners!
* Paving Stones- This can create an actual patio for my little paws to walk on.  Pavers come in a variety of sizes with the smallest one starting at a 4 1/2″x6″ and now the largest one is 24″x 24″.  Boy does this make a difference on the design.  You can go with a textured finish (Quarry Stone) that is multi colored for a Mediterranean flair.   Or if modern is your jam, look for the smooth finish of the Mission Paver.  The looks are incredible!
* Walls ~ I do love a nice wall to walk on and keep watch on what’s going on.  You can create a wall as a courtyard accent.  A wall is something to define a space and welcome you in.  If you need an actual retaining wall to hold back the earth, look at the Geo Wall or Allen Block series for this function.  And you can even customize a wall more, you can face a flat wall manufactured stone, thus adding an amazing flair!

Your decor is YOUR decor.  And as for color, we all see color different, (we dogs are color blind!) and we do have samples.  Maybe you need to take a sample baggie of material, a sample board of manufactured stone or look at our paver selection boards.  What ever your decor, we are here to explore.  Happy Digging!