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Defensible Space

Posted: October 11, 2017  |  Categories:  News |

On our warm October days, my master is always fire safe.  So now is the time to check on your defensible space at your home.  Defensible space is broken down into two zones.
* Zone 1 – at a minimum of 30 feet from all structures.  Start with removing all dead vegetation.  This includes on the ground as well as on your roof and gutters.  Trim trees 10 feet from other trees; and branches that over hand on to your roof.  Move wood piles into Zone 2.  Clean up under decks and trim vegetation around base of your home.

*Zone 2 – this extends to 100 feet from all structures.  After creating Zone 1; make sure all grass is cut to a maximum height of 4″.  Create horizontal spaces between trees and shrubs – depending on the slope of your property, determines spacing of the vegetation.  Vertical spacing is just as critical-remove all tree branches at least 5′ to 6′ from the ground.

* Landscaping for Safety – Maybe now is the time to add pavers to your home-scape.  Hard surfaces – rock, cobble and pathfines along with fire-retardant plants will look great and help in our California climate!
So please keep the area around my dog house safe and clean.  And as always- Happy Digging!



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