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I can smell late summer

Posted: August 24, 2017  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

Late August……It always has a particular scent in our Valley.  A little dryness.  You can almost smell the soil in need of replenishing.  I know because I like to lay in it to keep me cool. Here are a few tidbits as we relax on these warm dayz.
* Stay in the border- Now you may replant your beds with fall color. It is the perfect time to amend with our Planters Mix or Growers Blend.  And while you are digging (my favorite word), top off with one of our many ‘Barks”.
*Think outside the borders-The areas in front of your garden bed, or retaining wall may need some TLC.  By adding material, as small as Decomposed Granite or as large as Random Cobble, you can begin to expand your borders.  A little change in your landscape can make a big difference.
*Room with a view – So you have a smallish space?  Who cares…you can still make it your own.  By painting an exterior accent wall, adding a sitting area, fire pit area, or bar area; you have now extended your living environment.  And the best accessory is me, your faithful companion.
So if you change is large or small, all areas can be improved or modified.  And if you do stop by here @valleyrock, stop in for your free Paw-a-graph.  Happy Digging!

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