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Renew, Rebirth, Regrow…

Posted: March 22, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Easter week, Spring Break and Holy Week, it is all about renew, rebirth and regrowth.  Whether you enjoy chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, Easter bunnies or chasing baby chicks (like I do), this first week of spring is about new beginnings. When starting your garden I always think of my senses…dig, sniff and bark.
*  Now to dig is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  By digging or amending of your soil in your garden, you are performing the most important task.  This does take a bit of paw labor, from purchasing the soil, to moving it to your area, to working it into the garden space, it’s all paws on deck.  A depth of 24″ (or my height) is a good rule for how deep does your garden soil needs to be to produce a hearty harvest.
*  Sniff, sniff, sniff, I can always tell a great soil just by using my nose! Choose our Growers Blend soil, which is OMRI listed dairy manure, forestry humus, calcium and potash; and the scent is heavenly.  The better soil will yield better results.
*  To bark, is to be happy.  Now to make your veggies happy, place bark around the base of each plant.  My owners have multiple bark options in stock to pick from. Bark will hold the moisture in the soil and keep the plants less dirty.
So, renew, regrow, replenish and arise.  Spring is here, go get it done and Happy Digging!


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