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Mexican Pebble

Posted: March 31, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Mexican Pebbles, such a nice smooth rock to dig up, and it blends with so many landscape styles.  Here are just a few suggestions my master and I have for you.
*  For a mid-century modern (think Frank Lloyd Wright) look, make a square pattern walk way with 3″ gaps.  Fill gaps with ½ to 1 black Mexican pebble. The contrast with the gray shades will achieve this smashing look.
* In our warm valley, many of us dogs love water.  So if you have a water feature and want to update it, try mixing in some Mexican pebble.  It’s probably time to clean the feature out, and while you are doing that, remove some of the existing cobble.  Replace it with 2×3 Mexican pebble.  If you are really adventurous, mix the red Mexican pebble in as well.
* We all love resort living….why not mimic that feel in your yard?  Plant some palms, along with other heat loving plants and dress the earth with 1×2 black Mexican pebbles.  You can tie in additional Mexican pebble in other planting areas in your yard to give it that cohesive relax feel.
* Namaste….can you say zen? Mexican pebble can create a Japanese garden, or a meditation zone. Add a red japanese maple, some green variegated grasses and statement piece of statuary, then cover the ground with all mexican pebble.  As a plus, it is also a low maintenance area.
*  You don’t have any large projects planned?  How about just dressing up your pots?  You can give you potted plants a punch with Mexican pebbles along the base.  It will contrast the pot color, and assist with drainage.
What ever project you tackle, just remember….Happy Digging!

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