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Garden now, feast later…

Posted: March 15, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

We all know that March came in like a lion, with consecutive days of rain, we all experienced it!  Our March miracle has ensured that it will go out like a lamb with sunny days and frost free nights.  This brings my thought to digging…particularly in my garden.
* Amending is the ticket to a bountiful outcome.  Dig up that soil (with your paws or a shovel) and add in some humus, growers blend, worm castings or planters mix.  We all need some extra nutrients after a long winters nap.

* The better quality your soil, the less water required.  In your amended quality soil, you will be able to place garden veggies closer together. Sharing the water and the nutrients.  Thus more space for me to hide my bones
* Unused space can be your new vegetable garden.  An urban garden can be created in small courtyard or patio.  Containers, pots hanging on a fence, or small garden boxes can be transformed.  Just make sure the sunshine hits your garden.
* Do the math…Soil can be purchased by the cubic yard or in bags.  One cubic yard is 27 cubic feet, and will cover 100 square feet 3″ deep.  My humans are really good at calculations and can assist you!
Most importantly just tend to the garden areas, we all grow in different ways.  Or in my case dig in different ways.  Happy Digging!  


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