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April, in like a fool; out on a tree??

Posted: April 5, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

April begins with all the April’s Fool jokes….humans hiding my bones, (it’s not funny to me); and ends with Arbor Day on April 29th, (go plant a tree!) And there are so many things going on in between.  With me digging up fresh growers blend, to me lounging on fresh Delta Blue Grass sod.I truly enjoy watching you humans work feverishly in your yards. Here are some of the projects I see happening…
*  Gardens going in.  Our OMRI Growers Blend which consists of dairy manure, forestry humus, calcium and potash is my choice for the veggies.  Do you need help figuring out how much you need? Just call my humans, they are really smart like that.
*  Flower beds being revitalized.  The Planters Mix, which is humus and topsoil aka “50-50″; works wonders.  If you fill the area with planters mix, you will have color all season.
*  Sod installations.  Now for this topic make sure you put a good layer of planter mix (2″ to 3″) for best results.  And to ensure you have the freshest product, plan ahead.  Order your sod 48 hours (2 days) in advance, our vendor will cut the sod when you order it.  Now that’s service!
* Bark Bark Bark…Nothing looks better than fresh bark.  Bark is my favorite; it’s lighter to move, it’s cost effective, and I love the way it smells.  One cubic yard of bark will cover 100 sqft 3” deep. What ever variety you choose, my owners would love to assist you.
* Connecting pathways, always a plus for us dogs.  Why not connect some areas together in your yard?  You can create a walkway with decomposed granite, 3/8 crushed rock, 3/8 black and white path fines or 3/8 pea gravel.  Just edge it with bend -a-board (a flexible edging) and fill in.  To add more dimension, set in the path natural stone.  I really like Arizona flagstone, it’s a great color against my fur…
So no matter what project you want to tackle this week, Valley Rock is here to advise and plan with you.  Happy Digging!

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