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Loving our Valley Weather

Posted: August 4, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

With August here, and new vacation memories made (even for dogs), my owners always turn back to their projects and home maintenance.  Boy did we have some HOT spells (I dug a lot of holes to climb in), and the yard reflects it.  Just some maintenance (yawn) tips and few project (yeah!) suggestions….
* Amend those beds- Organic compost, planters mix, something with nutrients.  I know we like the hot weather, but even our soil needs love.  That way when you put your fall color in, it will thrive.
* If you have plantings that appear to be on their last “leg”, pay it some mind.  For annuals that look forlorn just pull it and chuck it. For perennials (big word for me), cut it back and wait for spring. Also, make note in your journal what struggled in your yard so you don’t repeat…
* Soak those containers.  Since they survived the heat spell, reward them with TLC.
* Projects…..I say fun… How about an area for a horseshoe pit? Use White Sand around the stake and new sod in between. It will be a clean function area. This will keep the dust only to the horseshoe stake ends.
Or a maybe marshmallow roasting center (firepit) with an outdoor lounge area is on your mind.  Utilize our Decomposed Granite add in our stabilizer, thus creating a hard surface.  Top the area with a Stonewall II firepit kit, pick up a 1/4 cord of firewood……insta-pesto….you are entertaining.
Happy Digging!


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