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I love our summer nights…

Posted: August 19, 2016  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

When the weather dips below 100….I get motivated…to maybe locate my lost bones or chase a squirrel or two.  Now you humans always begin new projects.  My humans like pathways and stairways, which I can appreciate on my daily runs. Here are just a few ideas to put in your yard.
* Stone Slabs- what a concept.  Imagine a staircase of solid stone steps staggered to your front door.  Our Utah (gold and sunshine in color) Sunrise stone stairs are @4″ high (step height), and rectangular in shape.  As always, you must first form your area, level it  and take any drainage into consideration.  This all needs to be complete, before you begin the install process.  A base of crushed rock or road base, along with some plaster sand (used to level) should do the trick to set the stones.  Equipment on site would really aid in the setting of the stairs, or a few good strong friends :).
* Decomposed Granite- always a favorite here in our warm valley.  Whether you want to mimic a California vineyard, an Italian villa or a casual country setting, decomposed granite will give you the basis for your look.  Again, make sure the ground is level and the shape is how you want it.  You can tamp it down or rake it with a design, and call it a day.  Or you can add the Gator Stone Bond to harden the surface.  You can always line your pathway with our Golden Granite cobble to highlight the decomposed granite.  Or our Sonoma Valley ledge stone is another complimentary stone that enhances the decomposed granite.
All pathways or stairways need accents.  A large moss rock boulder, Mexican pebbles beneath colorful plantings, or a mounded area to accent a curve.  Remember, planning is key (I do this daily personally,hmmm), calculating the yardage, and drawing a quick sketch goes a long way.  So smile, enjoy our valley and happy digging!

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