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Doggie Dayz of Summer

Posted: June 28, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

You know, us dogs are not much different then you humans, or even plants for that matter.  We all have key components that we share on this wonderful Mother Earth.  We all love to eat, relax and grow….so here we go.

  •  Aqua- Ahhh yes, the source for life.  Triple check your irrigation lines and start times.  Be sure to double up on your hand water pots on these “dog” dayz.
  • Shade- Any plants you have that are on the delicate side (me for instance) need to be shaded while we experience our heat wave.  Now we all have plants or friends (you know who you are), that thrive in our warm valley.  But some are transplants and need extra TLC.  So be sure you take care of them!
  • Sunscreen or Bark – Bark is kind of like sunscreen for plants.  Bark will help protect the roots, and hold the moisture in the soil. With multiple choices of Bark at Valley Rock, what an easy way to help out.  And besides that, it looks pretty darn good.

So grab your sun hat, sunscreen and a large cool drink; and get to work making your friends feel better.  Happy digging!

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