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June gloom, so soon?

Posted: May 24, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

I know it is not even Memorial Day (one of the most honorable days of the year), but what is up with the early June gloom?  The good news with that is, there is still time to get your garden in. This week is the perfect time to complete it.  Just a few pointers on your endeavor.
*  Select a fully sunlit area.  You will need at least 8 hours of God given sunshine.  So avoid areas that may cast a shadow on your crops.  Besides that I truly love to lay in warm soil :).
* Drainage and watering, they kind of go paw and paw, wouldn’t you say?  Add some 3/8 crush rock,  pea gravel or decomposed granite around the base of your garden boxes.  It will assist with drainage and make the space look amazing.  Water daily until the roots are established.  Once established, you can cut the water back to three days a week.
* Soil, the most important ingredient….And my masters have a few to choose from.  The number one pick is Growers Blend.  An OMRI product that contains manure, forestry humus, calcium, and potash, it certainly does magic.  If only you need to amend your garden soil, select our organic compost.  Mix it in well with your soil and plant away.  Or, if you want only the best our “super star” product is Grow 530.  Some of our most selective customers love this option.
The veggies need time to grow, so get it going!  Our warm days are coming.  Happy Digging!

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