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Dad, Grad, Bride and Flag Pride…

Posted: June 2, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

So much to celebrate in June…with the month named after the Goddess of Marriage, no wonder my masters have an event every week.  But still so much to do out here in my garden, besides hiding my bones.
*Maintenance is always an issue, is my dog bowl full? Is my bed clean?…on and on.  But for the garden is the irrigation working? Are the drip lines clean? Do all the drip lines work? Is the timer on at optimum times?  All of this effects the plants and veggies.  Check, recheck and set, that’s my motto.
*Speaking of veggies, there is still thyme to plant your herbs.  With ample sun and consistent watering, your herbs will thrive.  Plant them close to your back door.  That way you can smell them and access them easier. I especially love the smell of rosemary.
* Weed, deadhead, fertilize and weed some more.  The secret to a well loved garden is management.  Deadhead fading blooms to produce new blooms.  Control those pesky weeds, they just get in my coat.  Keep my soil moist but not soggy (I love to lay in cool soil). And please give my plants some food, they love fertilizer.
To love my garden is to love me.  Please keep my surrounds nice and remember, happy digging!

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