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Ahhh the Harvest Moon

Posted: September 1, 2016  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas, New Product |

When September hits, I dream of cool nights and warm days.  The harvest moon is on the 16th, and is the fullest moon of the year! September has more summer days than June, but you humans call September “Fall”.  The most even day of year (number of daylight hours=number of night hours), the Autumnal Equinox, “falls” on September 22.  It is even, an even number…..funny how that works.

The most important thing this month is to get your yard ready for comfortable evening gatherings.  Clean off your patio; hose down the plants to remove mites and keep the watering up.

Speaking of getting the yard ready, this may be the time to add that fire feature.  If you have an area as small as 8×8, you can create an additional space.  My owners do have in stock fire pits (starting at $259.00), you can construct.  They can also double as a seating area.  It can be as simple as decomposed granite area; a flagstone patio area or a paving stone area- topped with your new fire feature.  The humans even have firewood available, now won’t that be nice for me to sit along side with my favorite humans. Happy Digging!

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