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I Love Curiosity

Posted: February 17, 2018  |  Categories:  News |

I have a curious friend named Isaiah.  He is always asking me questions, and as a dog, I wag my tail often to let him know I am engaging with him.  He came to visit me the other day and we talked about trucks and dirt.  And why did we have so many choices for soil?
Now for soils, my master has taken great care in choosing the right products.  Great products, with great ingredients.  None of us are perfect (even in the dog kingdom); but my masters sure do try!
When looking for soils here are some elements you want in “great dirt”:
Calcium ~ Helping provide structural support to cell walls and serve are a secondary messenger when plants are stressed, kind of like people’s injuries (aka my friend Kai’s master).  It assists with the physical and biochemical weaknesses the soil may contain.

Magnesium ~ Now this big word is central for other big words ~ chlorophyll and photosynthesis.  All these big words (remember I am just a dog) together serve as activators in plant growth.  And that is good!

Potassium ~ Many, many functions for this one.  But the main one I’m concerned with is aiding with drought resistance!   By activating enzymes this will assist with the root intake…..that’s a lot…and I do like damp soil.

But if you are a dog like me, you can just tell by the smell and color of good soil.  I’ll leave the OMRI and other certifications to my masters.  And to my friend Isaiah, keep asking questions.  Happy Digging!


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