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I love a backyard where I can use all my senses

Posted: August 11, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

When designing or redesigning your yard, always think about stimulating all 5 senses.  For me, I like the taste and smell of the earth, the sound of the birds, and the sight of squirrels running from me.  I feel of bark on my paws, what a glorious feeling that is when digging into it.  But for you humans, your 5 senses come in many different avenues.  Here are a few ways you can sitimulate your human brain right at your home:

*  I SEE you-  So many options.  From the color of the plants, to elevation changes in your design.  By adding a mound of soil with seasonal color or a low Roman Stone Wall to sit on; these changes direct your sight to the area you want to emphasize.  The more layers of color, the better.  Have the greens bloom in the spring, and the yellow and oranges bloom in the fall.  Even with my color blindness, I do enjoy the shade variations in my corner of the world.
*  What’s that I HEAR? – A calming sound of a water feature as I doze off on my doggie bed sure makes a canine smile.  The rustling of leaves in a tree, and the chirping of birds, all add to your sensations.  If you are installing a water feature, do pondless.  It uses less water and is easier to install.  With the positioning of rocks in your water feature, you can effect the sounds. Doze off with the lull of water running,  you will never go back!
*  What is that I SMELL – Sometimes a smell can bring a fond memory from a time gone by.  Remember that smell that of a tree or plant that bloomed near your childhood (or puppyhood) window?  Or the fragrance of your mother’s favorite rose bush?  Add some of your own memories in garden scents.  And don’t forget my favorite smell – GROWERS MIX!  Scents will entice you to stay out in your yard more, and just enjoy every moment.
*  Boy did that TASTE good – Edible gardening is really the way to go.  Maybe all our grandparents knew what they were doing when they planted the spring and winter garden.  If it’s a lot for you to do, start small.  Add a lemon or lime tree, or some basil and rosemary.  The harvest you get from your own yard really does taste better!
*  How do you FEEL today?  Have you ever walked on soft ground cover and felt the coolness on your paws?  Or brushed against a lavender brush and enjoyed the bonus of the smell?   The “feel” of your garden can hook you into doing more in your yard.
So the next time you feel a little lethargic, just go home, the answer may be in your own yard just waiting for you to discover….Happy Digging!

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