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Back to school, back to digging (by that I mean projects)

Posted: August 19, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

With the end of August, all my little humans leave and go back to school.  How I miss my play time with them (sigh). Now my owner says, it’s back to project time (two paws up to that).  Here is a project that can be completed in a weekend or two- so let’s get digging!

Connecting your backyard areas – We all have that open space from the patio to the shed, or the patio to the pool, or the patio to the side yard or the patio to the fire pit.  Why not connect the two areas together?  Making it functional and cohesive, in one shot.
Create a column entry point, using roman stone or courtyard block (both Calstone products).  Either block with give you symmetric columns, with a finished look.  If you want something less formal, utilize larger moss rocks (2×2 size) slightly mounded in topsoil. It will give it height and presence.  Accent the base of the rocks or columns with plants and bark to finish .
Now that you have an entrance established, how about finishing the pathway?  Edge with bend-a-board, making the path  at least 30″ wide, wider if your space allows for it.  Fill the path with 3″ of product, such as 3/8″ crushed rock, decomposed granite, black and white path fines, 3/8″ sonoma gold, or 3/8″ black lava.  If you wish to add natural stone as stepping stones, place them in the pathway prior to adding your pathway product.  Have some fill sand on hand to level the stones in the path.
You don’t care for bend-a-board?  How about; roman stone turned on it’s side, cobble rock lined on the path line, oregon eagle ledge stone stacked, or moss rock minis as an alternative edging?
Schedule your backyard update on your calendar, the weather is perfect, my master’s landscape products are at hand, and my little human kiddos are depending on you.  Happy digging!


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