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Posted: August 14, 2017  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas |

All the talk of the Eclipse is making us dogs crazy… Does it really change the way we respond, act or feel?  The human experts say that the air temp will drop, birds will chirp uncontrollably, cows will return to their barns and whales will breach!!! That is a whole lot of activity in the animal kingdom.  But for you humans it may be a great time to get your creative juices flowing.
Start a new project – Either indoors or out.  Be inspired- the time is now.  This upcoming weekend is what we dogs call barking weather!  Just perfect.
Now my masters always love being outdoors with me.  How about a fire pit area?  Just a few tips to get you moving.
* Pick an area about 12′ x 12′ for your new entertainment area.  There are many options for the ground.  It can be as simple as adding 3/8 crush rock or decomposed granite 4″ deep- you would need less than two yards.  Now that sounds doable.
* Pick out one of my masters pre-packaged fire pit kits.  All the stones are wrapped on a pallet and can be loaded in your truck. So easy, it will surprise you.
* Pick out some firewood.  Both oak and almond firewood is readily available.  You can buy a little (small rack) or buy enough to start the season.
Now you are ready to sit and experience the eclipse.  Just be on alert Monday August 21 in the morning between 9 am and noon. They say yes animals may be going crazy!  Happy Digging!


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