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A tisket, a tasket, we need a basket

Posted: May 9, 2017  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

So you say you need a rock wall?  Maybe to define an area, or hold back a small amount of soil?  Short walls are also great for perching on to see my kingdom and keep watch over my owners. Just a few facts.
Moss Rock – This is the most common walls that you see in our area.  We have moss rocks in various sizes.  From minis (8″-12″), headsize, double headsize to large boulders.  Think winery and rolling hills.  Moss rock is also the most affordable option and most available product.  Moss rock is a courtesy of volcanic activity….
Granite- Now granite rock is a salt and pepper color.  With baskets (approximately headsize to double headsize in each); combine with our larger granite boulders, this makes a beautiful wall.  Think Tahoe shore line walls.   Granite rock is a dense rock and weighs more be cubic inch than moss rock.
General rules-Granite baskets weight averages about 3500 lbs and covers approximately 40 sqft (25 sqft per ton).  Moss rock baskets weight averages about 3100 lbs and covers approximately 40 sqft (25 sqft. per ton).
If you build a large wall or a small wall all accents look amazing!  And as always Happy Digging!

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