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Falling for these days…..

Posted: October 18, 2016  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

October, what a fabulous month.  Full of leaves (which I roll in), roasted marshmallows (which I steal) and a raging fire (which I sit by).  So here are few things you humans need to tend to.
*  Rake up the leaves on our dry warm days.  If you do it weekly it won’t seem like so much.  At least that is what my owner says.
*  Clean the gutters.  Nothing is worse than having the rain come straight down the side of the house because the gutters are too full to flow.
* Create drainage.  Now that we have experienced rain, we all know the areas that need help.  Crushed or drain rock will normally remedy the problem (plus it’s harder for me to dig up)
* Pay attention to your trees.  Maybe the trees may need a little pruning.  With the last rain fall, branches were heavy and even broke off (good for chewing sticks). Other trees may look a little yellow, and may need some Growers Blend or Compost placed around  it’s base.
Take time on our lovely days, for a little stroll (with me), and a little yard tending.  It all matters and all makes a difference.  Happy digging!

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