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Make a dog friendly yard :)

Posted: August 27, 2015  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

My owners actually love me so much they are making a dog friendly yard for me and my partner in crime, “Lucy Bell”.
Here are a few items they are implementing at my place:
I love a good running path…create a border along the fence line so I can patrol the area thoroughly.  Use crushed rock with stone, enclosed in bend-a-board to make a great running surface, and a patrol route for me!
I dig a good boulder or two…Give a me boulder that I can climb on and use as a lookout. A nice moss rock will do. I also need a smaller boulder for my marker spot.  That’s quite important to us male doggies.  Place it at the edge of my patrol area, that’s where I like it.
I do enjoy my comforts….Give me some comfy bark to walk on, and some decomposed granite to run through.  Both feel great on my paws.  Don’t forget my access to water with a pond less water feature.  That way I can have a sip and get my paws wet.  By all means, give me some shade.  Place my shade in the cooler side of my yard, because I’m going to dig there anyhow!
Happy Digging!

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