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When is it Dog’s Day?

Posted: May 18, 2018  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Now there is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, May day, wedding day and graduation day~ when will it be my day?  I think everyday should be dog day.  With digging to be done, and all the laying around I do……hmmmm.  But you humans get things ready for every event.
* The Party is happening soon….In that case, just drive on over and pick up a yard or two of bark.  It is easy to install, and makes a huge difference in your hard.
* My yard is not that big…..Is the square footage of your back yard equal to the size of your family room and kitchen?  If so, you can still turn it into a backyard living area.  Remove that grass, and add some hardscape (pavers, flagstone, rock).  Keep some live/green areas- it could be in the form of potted plants or some planting areas.  It is always nice by a window: you can see it and smell it easier!
*  But I really want…It all!  It’s oasis time – Start now for your Fall/Autumn events.   Decide on your design plan and material selection. Decide what you can do yourself and what you need help with.  Make a plan. We carry many of the materials you want to make it happen….just contact us.
And above all, don’t forget about your furry friend….me…Happy Digging!

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