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May is almost in the books….

Posted: May 28, 2018  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

May, what a month.  May is the last month of Spring.  And the rain did bring the flowers; natures fireworks in motion, as they say.  And most of all Memorial Day (originally decoration day); honoring all the Veterans we lost.  Many of us celebrate with a three day weekend, honoring Veterans in their own way.  If your way is to create a relaxing environment in your home, try adding in a Natural Flagstone element.
Flagstone is an amazing product used to create a pathway, patio, fire pit area or a courtyard.  You can lay it on a bed of rock, creating a stepping stone path. You can plant between each stone with herbs, thus creating a fragrance as you walk on . You can make a more firm surface by applying a polymeric product (Gator Dust), between the joints of the surface. Your creation can be made in a weekend!
*   Quartzite Flagstone….this is lovely.  Autumn Gold (think yellow brick road), Storm Mountain (silver with gold) and Windridge (silver, brown, green) Quartzites, all have a little mica sparkle.  This product rates higher on the carbon test for hardness. It compliments modern and rustic designs.
* Arizona Flagstone reflects warm colors, blush, oak and rosa tones.    If you like the warm tones of the Southwest, this sandstone product is for you.  It can accent your home and punch it up a bit!
On Memorial Day take a moment to fly your flag for Veterans we lost; and the ones we love.  And as always, Happy Digging!

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