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When in March ~ Just Mulch and Plant

Posted: March 13, 2020  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas, Uncategorized |

March is in full swing, flowers blooming (and weeds too).  Warm longer days, and still cool nights  Completing maintenance on your yard is a spring list item. Gardening, planting, weed control, pruning, and oh yeah, just getting some vitamin D is on my list for sure!

  • Redoing your Garden – If you are redoing your garden from last year, start by cleaning and clearing out.  Weed the area, and get the ground smooth.  Check your irrigation lines and timers. Now remeasure the area and the depth you will need to refill with #growersblend.  With our extra evening hour, it is the perfect time to work.  #wedeliver
  • New Garden Install – Location, Location, Location.  Sunshine, water, soil and love are the key ingredients.  Raised garden beds are always easier on the back, and look trendy too.  But my Grandpa always just planted in the good old Earth.  Both choices do require our #growersblend.  In your raised garden beds, measuring is more exact – just tell us square footage and the depth you require.  For planting in the Earth, turning the soil over, adding in new #growersblend. Create your rows and mound up with our soil.
  • The Area Around Your Garden – You know, that area you walk on? We have great choices- #rock #bark aka #mulch.  These products will keep the area more weed free, and clean too.  A crushed rock (not a round rock) will pack down better and have a tendency to stay in place.  We have many selections of rock to choose from; crushed, round and color variations.  Around the garden boxes, rock creates a clean edge that many people love.  For gardening with rows in the Earth, many gardeners do prefer bark (mulch).  It will decompose back into the Earth, while help with the weed issue between rows.  Our bark selection, we have color choice and styles too.  Bark, of course is a “lighter” weight material, thus easier on your back for install.
    Happy Digging!


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