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Our word for 2020 is Sanctuary

Posted: March 6, 2020  |  Categories:  Uncategorized |

Sanctuary – such a calming word. To me it means a cozy spot and a nice treat.  To my owners it means their home.  2020 is the year we all make our homes, our sanctuaries.  But where to start?  Maybe just begin with one piece, one section, one area.

  •  The Front Entry ~ this is the gateway into your home.  What vibe to you want to feel as you enter your home? A new different walkway, an addition of a courtyard, fresh bark, new plants…..all great ideas.
    •   Today I will give you a few Courtyard Suggestions:
      •   One simple and easy to installation solution is a Deco Rock area. Create the shape with bend-a-board edging.  The edging will also contain the rock.  Lay down weed barrier fabric under the rock, and place the rock about 2″ to 3″ deep.
      •  Decomposed Granite (think California Winery style) with Stone Stabilizer added to harden the surface. This requires a little more effort in applying the stabilizer. Create the shape of the area, and dig down about 2″ to 3″.  Install the Decomposed Granite and tamp it as you go.  Apply the Stabilizer with a sprayer to harden the surface.
      •  #Calstone pavers will really elevate the area.  With the colors choices, style (paver finishes) and sizes, certainly one will fit your home.   This is your chance to change the movement of the walkway and entrance. You will need to remove 6″ of material.  Replace the area with 2″ of Road Base and 2″ of Plaster Sand, then install your pavers. Once installed you can add Super Sand to lock in the pavers.  And for a final touch spray on a sealer – you know to seal the deal!     Happy Digging!
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