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The heat rises….then it drops!

Posted: June 20, 2019  |  Categories:  Clever Ideas, Uncategorized |

What great valley weather, the heat comes in and all things bloom.  Then our delta breeze arrives and us humans (and dogs) are much happier.  Our plants and yards do sometimes suffer with our 45 degree swings.  Here are some suggestions for our plants friends, and to keep your yard looking and feeling cooler.

  •  Bark – This makes for great moisture retention around the roots.  It also keeps the blazing sun off my plant friends!  So many bark colors, textures and sizes to choose from.  A few yards of material, can make your home stand out!
  • Soil – Soil is a friend to my plants.  Our Growers Blend and Planters Mix will both replenish the depleted soils.  You will see a difference after you amend the soils by your plants.
  • Rock & Stone – Cover the bare areas with Weed Barrier.  Top weed barrier with Quartzite Flagstone, and add Black Mexican Pebble between the each flagstone.  This will cover up some bare spots, going from bare to flare!
  • Pavers – Now talk about choices!  This is a man-made concrete product that is 2 3/8″ thick.  It is laid on flat level surface, placed on a bed of sand.  The colors selections, paver sizes, and textured tops can create the look you (or your dog) desire. Then you can put my friends the plants, in colored pottery to increase the “cool” factor.

Happy Digging from your 4-legged friend!

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