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On to the May flowers..

We always get the showers in April and the may flowers are bound to follow.

Here are a few key steps my masters do to make sure there are veggies o’ plenty for the year.

When it comes to gardening you need a plan, starting off with what you are going to be growing your garden in! My masters go to is using Tarter Stock tanks for a raised garden. They love how easy it is to start planting and there is way less prep work versus traditional garden boxes.

The next step and the most important is soil. Although I don’t think it was all that fair that they get to play in the dirt and when I do it, they don’t like it.  Every year we make sure our plants have the best nutrients in the soil. When we first started our raised garden beds my master brought in so Growers Blend (recommended for gardens) and for all the flowers they brought in Planters Mix (recommended for general planting). These days we normally just add extra nutrients soil with Organic compost (amendment).

The last step is making sure those veggies and flowers are protected. This can be done by adding a shredded bark on top. This helps with pests, weed, and retaining moisture to keep the plants cool all summer long.

As always the staff at Valley Rock is always there to help with finding the amount of product you need!

No More Leftovers

You ever feel like all you get is left overs? January felt like a leftover from 2020, February felt like a left over from January.  And that April is around the corner, we are beginning to feel new again!

For 2021, livable luxury that is versatile with earthly palettes to refresh, renew and recreate. Does that sound right? But we have been recreating ourselves for the past 12 months in ways we did not think possible.

We are using every bit of space in our homes.  A table is not only for family meals, but also for board meetings and school projects. With all of us “hanging” around the home, it would be nice to have our outside areas even more usable.

Patios and Courtyards have become meeting areas, food prep and project  zones.  So why not utilize EVERY inch.  Versatile, durable and inviting. And as a digger of dirt (so my master says) I always start from the bottom up.  Install a concrete paver stone patio.  With paver stones you can make the area flat, firesafe and pleasing to the eye.  You can customize the look to match your interior design.
With Calstone Paver products there are so many options, in both color, shapes and patterns. Add dimensions with Roman Stone.  Roman Stone; this is a solid block, finished on all sides with ten colors to choose from.  By creating sitting walls, courtyard walls, counters or columns the area truly is an additional living area.

And for added flair you can put in a raised planter stock tan.  My masters have oval and round ones to choose from.  Such a nice finishing touch!

Renew, refresh, reimagine ~ all the tools are at your fingertips.  Happy Digging!