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I am a Master

I suppose you have heard the phase “jack of all trades; master of none”.  Well me, as a canine, I do object, because my owners name is Master?  But I have another friend who is a master gardener.  And Margaret (that’s my friend), always said to plant your garden by Mothers Day.  This has always been due to late hail that can damage young plantings.  But, surprise, it has been a dry April.

So if you have not planted yet, there is still time.  New this year, My Master  brought in Stock Tanks for raised garden beds.  With lumber pricing being so crazy (result of 2020 shut down); this is a great solution.  They are sturdy, functional and bring another element to your design.
And we do carry a variety ~ 3′, 4′ and 6′ in oval shape; 3′ and 4′ in round shape.  Along with the fully contained tanks, my Master also offers 6′ oval with an open base and 3′ round with an open base.  The 3′ open base is also a fire ring ` ingenious! All tanks are galvanized.
We all know our Growers Blend is tried and true for veggies . But to improve even more, we now carry Heritage Bag products.  Empire Builder Blend, Perfect Potting Soil, Organic Compost and Worm Castings (my fav). The worm castings will only improve your crop!  So stop by and see us, my Master can help you.  Happy Digging!